North Posh Way too late BB 2/18

This is the last one that I’m late posting. Sorry it took so long. But I will say, I was proud of this workout. It had a lot of the Pax huffing and wheezing.

QIC: Retainer

Pax: Gru, Catfish, Banana Hands, Grinder, Carlton, Dunphy, Abacus, Spygate

Warmed up with a mosey out to Shelbyville Road and back. Did the COP with runner stretches. Then, the thang.

The Thang: Uphill gassers.

Moseyed out the Louisville Loop. Found a nice, 50 yard up hill straight path. Run a gasser up the hill, do one burpee at the top. Rinse and repeat, adding an additional burpee for each lap that you run to see how many laps you can do in the time allotted. Woof.

Headed back with 5 minutes to go for a COM with BBS and pickle pounders.

Ended with COR, NOR, and the COT. Had a long discussion about how Banana Hands got his name. Nobody really knows.

Thanks for having me again.

-Retainer out.

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