“Big Murph” at Big Mo – Back Blast 3.4.19

Simple. Brutal. Sweaty. Effective.

The Murph is one of my favorite workouts, and since I got my new weighted vest, I tried to do this exercise several times, with some variations.

Worm asked me to lead a Heavy at Big Mo, but I didn’t realize the weather was going to be so brutal in March. When I first saw this, I knew I had to keep the group moving so I had the idea to do a Heavy Murph, and here is how it went.

Weather: 18 degrees, (feels like 6 degrees) 47% Humidity, and clear skies

PAX: Big Bird, Newman, Tony Malito, Plumb Bob, Tool Time, PK, McAfee (QIC)



15 Grass Grabbers IC

Kendra Newmans

15 Copperhead Squats IC



1/2 Mile Run with Ruck on (Started at the seal, went down the street to the big parking lot and back to the seal past the playground – almost exactly 1/2 of a mile)

75 Man Makers w/ ruck

150 Thrusters w/ ruck

225 Curls w/ ruck

* We did these in 15 rounds (5 man makers, 10 thrusters, 15 curls in each round – rounds were 1:30 minutes)

Finished with a modified 1/2 mile run.

We gathered at the seal for COR, NOR, and COT. Announcements were given out about joining the cause for Angles in Disguise. Intentions for Tony Malito’s brother and sister in law. Prayers for Worm, M, and soon to be Worm Jr. Ended with a quick prayer/motivation about investing in yourself.

Proud of each of these men who got up and got after it this morning. Proud to call you all brothers!

-McAfee out


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