3/2/2019 Ruiner BackBlast

Conditions: not bad for March 2rd—starting to see more and more white tights

Pax: (13) Penny, Deuce, Pope, Tammy Faye Baker, Nickelback, Wham!, Nugget, Sea Bass, Violet, Captain Insane-O, Tron, Vincent (respect) Glen Ross Q

I picked up this Q a couple weeks ago after seeing that the Ruiner was having problems getting Q’s lined up.  Seriously guys—this is where it all started and should be on everyone’s list to Q here at least once per year.  If you are still reading this, stop now and reach out to Vincent and get on the calendar to Q here.

Earlier in the week I noticed that SumpPump picked up the Q at the Mutt and I reached out to him on Thursday to see if he would be interested with a AO vs: AO/ U vs: U challenge.  He was in and then I reached out to the other AO’s to see if they wanted in. As I mentioned Saturday at the O, the 9 exercises that we did are generally the basics that we all do and see a lot of from week to week.  They are also exercises that you can do at home, work, on vacation—really anytime you want.  So this was not meant to shame Pax, just to see where you are right now.

Rewind to Saturday, 6:50am I get there to set up.  Park is already getting crowded, some running event was also planned that morning.  Knowing what we were planning on doing I thought it would be good to get the Pax pumped with some pre-workout tunes. So as the group arrived, It’s Raining Men played on loop until 7am disclaimer.

Off for short mosey to tennis court and warm up:

15 SSH, 15 imperial walkers, 15 Peter Parkers Elbow Planks/ 15 Freddie Mercs

Thang 1: We did 8 of the nine exercises. 2 minutes AMRAP, then short break while Q recorded results, then on to the next. Below are some of the results—see Slack for entire breakdown.  Seriously, all 13 killed it—it was AYG for 2 minutes from everyone on these sets.  Also, I played DJ too w/ this sweet playlist (Kenny Loggins This is It and Danger Zone, Joe Esposito You’re the Best Around, Cyndi Lauper Good Enough and Hulk Hogan’s into Real American)

Big Boys: Vincent 88

Merkins: Vincent 128

Squats: Pope 134

Overhead Presses: Captain Insane-O:  118

LBCs: Sea Bass 234

Bench: Vincent 175

Lunges: Pope 101

Curls: Pope 130

Burpees: 31 Pope, Vincent, Violet

Thang 2: Mosey over to Cogan’s Ct for some leg work

Count off into 1’s and 2’s. 1’s start at the top—doing 50 squats, then run to bottom of court for 25 LBCs (2’s start at the bottom 25 LBCs)

Did 4 reps, knocked out 200 squats and 100 LBCs in about 10 minutes.

Next we made our way back to the tennis courts for some Mary.  We did this earlier in the week at the Mutt with Nugget.  Not sure what he calls this but I stole it from him

Mary Pax Tabada? Each pax counts to 10—going in a circle. We do 20 seconds on, then 10 seconds off with following exercises as we work our way around the circle:

Gas Pumps/ American Hammers/ LBCs

Finished with 3 minutes left and still one more of the 9 exercises to knock out.  That’s right, I saved the burpess for the very end.  Probably not the best decision after a 57 minute workout to do 2 minutes of AYG burpees, but the Pax crushed it!  Closed right at 8 for COT

Announcements: March ruck, Muggo writing contest (vote for CI) and Deuce informed Pax that March is Colon Cancer awareness month (see link) and prayers for Deuce who lost his father 13 years ago.


Intentions and prayer: Closed with thanks for the pax and the hard work today.  I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!  I mentioned to the guys that I can’t believe how much fun we have as a group—so keep working those headlocks and re-headlock some guys that haven’t been out in a while.  I’ve never had a bad time in the gloom.


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