BB 12/22 Fog with Jitterbug, Retainer, Phyllis, and Gladys.


IMG_4476 2.JPG

Meet Phyllis and Gladys. P&G have been eating too much and they’re a little overweight. 60 pounds overweight, to be exact. Each. I’ve been anxious to break out the girls at Posh, and Saturday morning’s Co-Q with Jitterbug was the perfect time to do so.

Co-QIC: Jitterbug (R) and Retainer

PAX: FNG Wally (R), Aerobie (R), Ladybird (R), Drive Thru (R), Iceman (R), Bob Ross, Huggies, Mr Kotter, Gypsy

Jitterbug picked the first 30 minutes and got us started. 20 SSH, 15 Jitterbug Hillbillies, 15 GG, all in cadence. Then a gnarly plank with 5 copperhead merkins, 20 mountain climbers, and 5 copperhead merkins before rest was allowed.

Thang 1: Box Jumping Hell

Gather up at the small walls next to Gheens. Combinations of box jumps, jump lunges, and squats. Rinse and Repeat.

Thang 2: Bridge Ladder

Bernie Sanders up the Bridge, Mario back. Splitting 11s at the top and bottom, Merkins at the bottom and Groiners at the Top.

Jitterbug had ’em warmed up, and then the Poshies were ready to meet the girls.

Grab a coupon, count off from 1 to 11, and then line up. Everybody gets to Farmer Carry Phyllis and Gladys for 100 yards. Which is damn harder than I thought it would be. For each trip, remaining PAX do coupon work. Curls, Thrusters, Left and Right arm dead lifts, Kettle Bell Swings, Burpees, and repeat.

Thang 2: Burpee Webb

Return coupons and all you got back to the Gheens Center. Circle up for a little Burpee Webb, Burpees to Air Presses. Only made it to 8/32 because time expired.


Circled up, named our FNG, Aerobie’s brother-in-law DR from Cleveland, Wally. I honestly don’t remember why, but Bob Ross was insistent.

I noticed that our intentions were deeply meaningful. The Poshies mentioned every one of our PAX who have experienced hardships this year. Weedwacker, Abacus, Double Down, Ashley, etc. I think it was Jitterbug’s calm, purposeful leadership in the COT that made it so meaningful. Glad to know you, dancing man.

Ended with a prayer and a picture to commemorate the fact that Fog Poshies (R) outnumbered the young ‘ens this morning, 6 to 5. Respect all ya fellows.

Retainer and Jitterbug out.


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