Poor Planning at the Mutt

Love the Mutt fellas and it’d been a while since I’ve been out. My unfamiliarity with the terrain showed, which messed up my timing for the last exercises. But I had a great time, and I hope everyone thought it was hard.

QIC: Retainer

PAX: Pepperoni, Jitterbug, Noxzema Jackson, Tiger, Larry Flint, Plumb Bob, Meatball, Cowbell, Gepetto, Escort, Sump Pump, Deuce, Back Draft, Pork Chop, Busch, Iceman, Fridge, Peroni, Glen Ross, and Blue Print.

Haven’t had a chance to bring Phyllis and Gladys (pictured below) outside of Posh yet, and I thought the Mutt would be a good place to do it. Here’s what we did:

1 lap around the Mutt to warm up.

COP: Calf stretches, 100 SSH’s IC, 20 IW’s IC, 20 GG’s IC, Plank Stretches, 25 Plank Jacks IC.

Native American Run: Three groups of seven PAX, with lead runner for two lines carrying 30# and 15# weights respectively, and the 6 doing 5 Merkins. More PAX showed up than I planned, so line 3 did 10 merkins to make up for the fact it wasn’t carrying weight. Took a wrong turn that would later cost me precious time.

Waiting for the six, we planked and did 25 MC’s IC.

The Thang:

6 stations of exercises AMRAP. Two and a half minutes at each station, and then switch.

Station 1: Deadlift Phyllis and Gladys.

Station 2: Thrusters with coupon.

Station 3: Burpees.

Station 4: Shoulder Taps.

Station 5: Using a 30 pound plate or 40 pound sandbag, Squats.

Station 6: Merkins.

Between my lost time on the NA run and the time it took to run around the school explaining this, we only got one set in. But we were moving for the full 45 minutes. Still had 3 minutes left for:

COM: 25 BBS, 25 Pickle Pounders, 25 BBS. It was suggested that my pickle pounders were too fast, and there were kind considerations expressed for Retainer’s M. Sorry, will work on that.

Closed with a COT asking the PAX to be mindful of others today. We’ve taken care of our health, this morning. Let us help others with their health throughout the day.

Thanks for having me at the Mutt. Retainer out.

IMG_4476 2

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