February “M”Challenge

Alright PAX! February is the month for love and I have a challenge for you should you choose to accept it.

Allow me to preface with a story.

About 6 weeks ago, I was writing a Back Blast from a workout that I had Q’d. I don’t know about you, but I put a lot of thought into my back blasts. Perhaps too much. But I figure, a group of guys showed up, worked hard and for 45 minutes to an hour, we all went through something together. I owe it to you men to put into words what it meant to me and hopefully do justice to what we all experienced. On this day as I was lying across my bed, once again putting too much time than I care to admit into my BB, searching for the right words to go from my brain to my thumbs, My M, Stephanie, came into our room, interrupted my “quiet time” and jokingly said, “it’d be nice if you gave that much time and attention to me.”

Now, she was kidding but she was kind of right. No matter how busy my week is I always make the extra time for my back blasts. I think of all she does for my family and how easy it is for me to gloss over the every day and take her for granted. Do I make the extra time to do something for her to make her feel special?

That’s when it came to me. If your M is like mine, she takes a vested interest in my F3 stories, knows the F3 names and hospital names of many of you, knows the names of the workouts and knows what a Back Blast is. She knows how important this group and everything it stands for has been for me. What if I made it a point to arrange a date night? Nothing over the top but I would take the initiative to schedule it, pick the place, set up the babysitter and do the planning myself for a change? What’s more, why don’t I write up a Back Blast on what went on for our date night as I would a Back Blast for a workout I had Q’d. First I thought, I’m going to do this! Then I thought, why don’t I share this with my brothers in the form of a challenge? I mean how profound would it be if our wives saw that we cared to share a bit of our F3 lives with them? When they talk about the little things…that’s it! I feel a little will go a long way! What do you say? Are you up for it?

The challenge:

Part 1: Schedule a date night out with your M in February.

Part 2: Write her a Back Blast

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