I get half chubbed when I think about Q’n for Big Mo. I don’t sleep. I stare into the ceiling with visions of Hot Wheels watching his motionless weight on the ground, arms limp, and shaking his head in pain. And WeedWacker taking personal 80 count to regain the grip strength to do a his first set of shrugs. Then there’s Tool Time dragging ass station to station with a smile on his face hoping no is watching him modify 15# Dumbbell side raises. Big Mo never fails to humble whomever steps on her grounds.
PAX- Kilo, Hot Wheels, Sideline, Vacuum, Tony Malito, Aerobie (R), Big Bird, Scuba Steve, WeedWacker, Carlose’, Corduroy, Tool Time, Snow Day, and Worm (Q).
Not in Attendance – PK 
I showed up to Vets morning wood game strong, ready to go to work. Pumped. I want to push myself and bring something different to the group for our Heavy’s. We do a lot of full body beatdowns, but I wanted to demonstrate different variations to destroy one muscle group. During my pre-blast I promised a shoulder melter, and I believe I delivered. This workout was hard. Moving a lot of heavy weight to failure, with no way to escape the next torturous movement. 
We all earned our sunrise.
Worm Work-
12 Stations – 1 Runner
60# Sand Bag Over Head Press
Battle Rope
35# Single Arm Over Head Press
45# Front Lateral Raise to Chin
20# Dumbbell Single Arm Front Raise
Overhead Pallet Carry
Jerry Can Shrugs
Double 30# Ruck Farmers Carry
Runner (3 Laps)
Resistance Bands Standing Rows
15# Dumbbell Side Raises
Seated 30# Dumbbell Overhead Press 
45# Plate Overhead Presses
We rotated after three laps from runner. 
Each station competed once, that was enough.
Finisher was Super SlowMo Wide-Wide Merkins around the Seal.
COT, Intentions, Prayer to the Sky Q
Shout Out to Tony Malito. The dude gets after it with great form on each exercise. He gets stronger each week.
We carry a lot weight on our shoulders each day, hopefully this WO will make it a little easier tomorrow.
Early Birds Got-

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