WHAS11 Backblast

33- Hot Wheels, Abacus, Wham!, Snowday, Valdez, Crash, PK, Uncle Rico, Meatball, Worm, Aerobie, Ice Man, Swifty, Drumroll, Perrier, Kilo, Eastwood, Methane, Weedwacker, Thumbtack, SC, Nino, Snowman, Double Down, Face, Catfish, Coffee Grinder, Milton, Zartan, Red Roof, Chestnut, Sadie, Captain Tiberius Insane-O.

Well this is uncomfortable.

I planned to Q a Black Ops, showing off the poshyness of the Poshlands for LIVE TV.  But unfortunately, I didn’t Q.

Heck, I didn’t even workout.

I just stood there and watched.

In a turn of events last night, my back went out.  I could barely stand, and the realization that I had to take a step back from my obligations killed me.  Thankfully, many HIMs stepped up to the plate to cover for me, but I still wanted to be there.  Maybe it was for the PAX, maybe it was for my own narcissism.  OK, more of the latter, but I can honestly say that posting to a WO, and not WO is miserable.  I felt useless as I drove up to do whatever I could to help this morning.

As I strolled in, I saw Red Roof already chatting it up about the logistics.  Then I saw the reporter who has spent the entire week on an amazing, in-depth report for us.  So I say “Hello Heather!”

Her name is Brooke Hasch.  (Mistake #1)

As I was corrected by Kilo (very loudly, mind you), I apologized to Heather, I mean Brooke, for my ignorance, blaming it on the time, 5:10 in the morning.  Five minutes later, Red Roof volunteered me to be interviewed by Brooke, and I obliged.  She asked my name.  “Star Child”.  “Really?, ok, we will go with that.”  Then apparently the interview went well until I provided a HEAD NOD at the end (mistake #2) for no reason whatsoever.  After my LIVE interview, I then asked when it will air (mistake #3).  Of course, Kilo was close enough to rag on me for another 5 minutes.  Thanks Kilo.

Finally the PAX diverted Kilo’s attention on my gloom-ignorance, and cars started to roll in!

33 men (maybe 35?  We may never know) came from all over for our Black Ops that we planned TWO days ago!  I am always impressed to see cars roll in like the final scene from Field of Dreams.  See, when I began, there were 7 PAX.  SEVEN!  The thought that there would be 33 men from all over Louisville to work out in a different location from where it all began, and to be on LIVE TV??!!!!  All of this seems like a fairy tale.  When I was first invited to F3 by Red Roof, I knew he had something good here, but I also knew it could have died if we didn’t get the right guys on board.  RR and the rest of us where biking along the edge.  You know the feeling like you could save yourself from veering off course, but you felt like gravity was pulling you off track?  I felt like that for WEEKS when we began.  I felt like all of this was hanging by a thread!  But men like Methane, Kilo, Nino, CI, Zartan, Mayberry, Cardinal, Pope, Zoo, Quimby, and many more kept it alive, and invited more guys.  And that thread became a chain, which I believe will never be broken.  Something we can all be proud of.  And we put it all on display for everyone in Louisville to see.  Hopefully it will reach the ONE.  The one sad clown that needs this and never knew it.  We are waiting to get an email, phone call, tweet.  From a complete stranger with enough courage to wake up and meet a bunch of idiots run around a parking lot for 45 minutes, then end up was a horrible nickname.  Heck, it’s worked before.  Ask Mr. Hat, who heard about F3 on a Podcast, and just strolled in!  He just had his first daughter and named her after myself (ok I just made that up).  So now we wait.  But as we wait, we continue to become closer and closer friends.  And it doesn’t hurt that we are getting in better shape along the way.

(Actual footage from this morning)

Oh yeah, this is a backblast.  So here is what I watched…

CI SSH 15IC, Merkins 20SC, Copperhead squats 15IC

Nino IW 20IC, Circle Burp 35

CI Burpee bear crawl 11s

Nino Quick lap around

Partner. P1 bearcrawl 50 yds, Bernie Sanders back; P2 does six inches.  Switch.  Leg raises, merkins.  All AMRAP

Another lap, with sprint last 70 yds

CI Merkin waterfall

Kilo Ab-o-Rama

Kilo COT

Sorry it is short and sweet.  But as I watched, Brooke Hasch (#1 WHAS11 new anchor) and I chatted about the power of F3.  It turns out that the news stations really watch each other’s social media activity, and after Monday’s recording, her phone BLEW UP with tweets from us.  She was overwhelmed by the accolades, and was shocked by the attention it received in the Louisville community.  So as I watched the PAX glisten, I said to Brooke “Oh, I’ll will feed you, Baby Bird” and took pics of the pax and tweeted out like a momma bird gotta do.  Maybe we need to the news to get to more people, but they sure appreciate our broadcastability (it’s a word I think) as well.  I was knocking out tweets like Ali.

After CI, Nino, and Kilo all laid the proper beat down, CI had one more trick up his sleeve… errr… tank top…

Brooke has a BIRTHDAY!  So we welcomed her as our honorary F3 spokesperson, and CI brought her cupcakes (not going to mention he bought cake on his M’s bday).  (mistake #4) and sang her the song.

To end, I had no idea why I would wake up at 4:40 this morning, with nothing to add accept a head nod that may always follow me, but I am happy I did.  Thanks to all for coming out, and here is a link to see Brooke’s magic.


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