8/31 Norton Commons Black Ops preblast

7C9B35B2-E707-45D8-B8F9-8515D1B94618Its been over 3 months since my last Q at Norton Commons and I already put the weinke together last week—all I need now is odd number of Pax.  Also, just in case Mouth decides to come out I wanted to share a bit of the weinke. There will be some running, some math, burpees, merkins and coupons from my personal collection.

Last but not least, this is the 28th consecutive Friday Black Ops at Norton Commons—which makes it the longest running black ops location in F3 Louisville. We’ve had as many as 20, and as few as 3. It’s a great spot and we will keep the Black Ops alive well into the fall as the calendar to Q for September is booked up. So as a reminder to all Pax that know someone in the Prospect area—plant the seed and keep working the headlocks and tell them to come out to the Amphitheater at 5:30


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