BackBlast 8/28: Bayside BO

We had a late change of plans due to logistics of the IronPAX workout. Never fear, the PAX showed up and gave everything they had. We had a great workout and pushed ourselves on a steamy morning.


Banana Bread (Q)
Shuttlecock (R)
Fanny Pack (R)
Charolais (R)
Mr Bubbles
Grandpa Bear
Krispy Kreme


— 21s — SSH (IC)…pax count 1-5 out loud and then 6-21 is a silent count. All pax must stop together on 21 or complete 25 burpees. Of course we failed to stop first time but nailed it on second attempt.
— Abe Vigoda (IC) x10
— Calf stretch

The Thang:

Exercise medley ladder w/ coupons

60 squats
15 Merkins
50 LBCs
15 Merkins
40 flutter kicks
15 Merkins
30 Curls
15 Merkins
20 tricep extension
15 Merkins
10 coupon thrusters

Then back up the ladder to complete the thang.

Mosey to the courtyard at the back of the school.

Aiken Legs
20 squats
20 box jumps
20 lunges
20 split jacks

Mosey back to the flag.

Count O Rama
Name O Rama
Pray out

– Banana Bread

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