The Inaugural BLUE Ops

Several months ago, I couldn’t walk, or stand, or sit. My back hurt. A lot. So I had to take a break from F3.

Once I recovered, I came back! Then my back hurt again. So I took a break. Again.

I think I knew the problem but it took several physical therapists, a pain management doctor, and a neurosurgeon to convince me that I had to quit F3. I have three degenerative discs and the impact took its toll.

No more F3. This has been very hard to accept.

But they did recommend swimming instead, which is something I did for most of my childhood. So over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been swimming at the Northeast YMCA.

It had me thinking that this may be an opportunity. A chance for High Impact Men to have less impact on occasion! So I’m inviting anyone to join me at the Y next Wednesday if you are a member! If you aren’t, don’t worry! I’m working on a free week pass for anyone wanting to try!

This is a bit of a rogue mission since it’s inside and not free but I’ll be sure to incorporate a lot off familiar exercises out of the water as well!

So suit up, grab some goggles, and join me next Wednesday at the Northeast YMCA at 5:45! Any ability is fine, I promise. If Wednesday doesn’t work, I plan to be there every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday anyways!


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