Star Child brings Hurley’s to #BagOfWrenches

I am not sure what I was thinking, but today embarked a Q spree for me.  This is due to my absent mind-ness with a combination of needing to please Captain Insane-O to fill up the calendar.  And after a Nino beatdown at The Silo (yeah, I am trying to name it), I wasn’t sure I would be able to crawl out of bed.  Well, I did, and so did 17 other HIMs.  They did their part (show up), and I now had to do mine (make them regret it).

PAX- Star Child (Q), Beaker, Fergie, Porkchop, Donger, Swifty, Huffy, Escort, Piggie, Loco, Kilo, Plethora, Butcher, Wham!, Flounder, Diablo, Tin Cup, Chicken Fried.

Weather- 58 degrees and no rain.  Perfect


Mosey over to the basketball courts, immediately 5 BOYOS!

–      100 Side Straddle Hops (no surprise.  Kilo asked me beforehand if he could request not to do this, and I said he could ask…  I didn’t say yes)

–      5 BOYOs!

–      20 Crab Jacks

–      5 BOYOs!

–      20 Squats (2 ct. cadence)

–      5 BOYOs!

–      20 Merkins (2 ct. cadence)

Thang #1- DORA

–      Everyone partnered up, lined up against one side of the BBall courts.

–      Partner 1 Bernie Sandered across the court and ran back while partner 2 helped tackle

o   50 Merkins

o   100 Squats

o   150 LBCs

Thang #2- Hill Hurley 7s

–      Moseyed over to a long steep road off to the side of the park

–      1 Elizabeth Hurley (some people call them Bobby Hurley’s, but whatever), then run down the hill

–      6 Burpees, run back up

–      Increasing the Hurleys while decreasing the burpees

Mosey back to the shovelflag for some quick 2 minutes of isolated big boy sit ups.  And then we were DONE!

Announcements- A-Olympics has been shelved until we figure out a better time.

COT- Prayers out to Butcher’s mom who is now off her cancer treatments, and finding solace towards the path to visit the Sky Q.  Also prayers to Abacus and his family as his wife is kicking cancers ass.  I may be missing some more and I apologize.

I wrapped it up, asking the Sky Q to offer us strength to get through any hurdle he has in store for us.  Through marital issues, health issues, and work issues.  And for all of us to know that our F3 brothers are here to help in any way.

Now, tomorrow is another day of yours truly at the Q over at Posh!  Come one, come all.


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