3.24.18 Ruck BB: Gloomy with a chance of 3rdF

PAX: Lefteye, Snowman, Pope, Wham!, Zoolander, GlenRoss, Zartan

Conditions: 35* and steady rain.

Gearlander: Salomon 3DX shoes, smartwool socks, LuLu shorts, Nike dry fit, Patagonia rain jacket, MudGear Tac hat. All black and all wet less my socks and T.

YHC was moving slow today. Pulled up to the Mutt at 0612 for a 0615 start and loved seeing guys already gathering in the rain.

We all cinched our packs and with a GlenRoss “Let’s Go” we were off. GR and I were in front and like we do on Rucks we just started talking and walking. Good conversation ranging from LouCity match today, Flag making and the much anticipated Spring Break looming closer every day. I think a lot of us could use aphukenbrake.

GR and I noticed we were a good 20yrds ahead of the PAX so we decided to wait and move more as a group. It was not because we were pushing hard or trying to be out front but more that our strides are 2.5X a normal mortals stride. I think GR is 6’9″ and I move between 6’6″ and 6’8″ depending on my socks and shoes.

Zoo in normal Zoo fashion tells us it was nice of us to wait for everyone. He then goes on to say that Lefteye(RV) asked him if it was always this clicky on our Rucks? Shared some laughs and in we went.

As we made our way back to the Mutt the fog from last nights fish fry started to clear. I remembered trying to EH KIdnapper Van to show up this morning. I miss that guy. Anyway he mentioned needing some help moving a new treadmill and I remembered mentioning that we would be rucking in the gloom. I shot him a quick text and we detoured a bit to help a HIM in need.

I announced to the group that this detour may have us showing up a few minutes late for Digiorno’s Q at the Mutt. To a man all agreed helping trumped punctuality. So we knocked with our elbows and did that sh@t.

Finished strong and again, way more than a workout. So cool that this week alone we had 5-6 new Rucker’s at the Mutt in the gloom. Let’s run it back next week.

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