2.10.18 Ruck Training CSAUP Event

Who: All men willing and able to challenge themselves

What: Weighted March with PT and physical/leadership challenges.

When: 2.10.18 from 9pm-12am(ish) After party at bar optional but there will be a fire burning and beers flowing and that is where endex occurs.

Where: Car drop off will be at The Mutt at 845pm. Ride to undisclosed location for 9pm start.

Why: Because we need to test ourselves and our gear for what’s on the horizon. And it will make for one hell of a story.

Together we have embarked on some pretty stupid endeavors. From CI’s Big Rock Coupon Carry Q (missed) to Kilos first Ruck Training (WTF). They have one thing in common besides being extremely challenging. We accomplished them together. And for it our bonds are stronger, our stories more legendary and our tolerance for stupid has increased.

YHC plans to test that tolerance. Due to the length, distance and obstacles between us and beer I promise this to be the stupidest thing we have done to date.

Objective: Most of us who have embraced this rucking movement have done so either before or after signing up for a GoRuck event. OJ keeps sharing horrific videos of what goes down at these events and most of us just shake our heads and mutter “what did we sign up for.” Well, the objective for this CSAUP event is to get a chance to dip our toe in the water, just the tip.

Here is a link to a packing list by All Day Ruckoff for a GR Tough. You will not need everything but for me it is a chance to test my gear. From shoes up to headlamps we have to make sure we lock in our choices cause 3 hrs of hell is a much better way to find out than 12+ hrs during a tough.

That said, please bring the following:

Backpack with reflective strips and weight. Weight Requirement. If you are under 150 lbs., carry a 20 LB weight and if you are over 150 lbs. carry 30 LB. That’s GORucks requirement. Bring what you feel comfortable with. You vs You.

Good shoes and socks

Clothing for the conditions. Gloom gear. Having fast drying non chaffing gear is advisable.


HeadLamp and extra batteries.


Water -2Liters min

One glow stick

Fuel. Pick your poison. Gels bars candy. Whatever but have a source of protein to give you a kick if need. (Kick will be needed)

Positive attitude.

As YHC, who by the way will be leading and participating in this event, thinks of anything else I will add info on comz as needed. Please HC by Friday Feb 9th so I can organize rides and materials for our final count.

For the record, the disclaimer at the beginning of this event will be recorded and signed in blood. I am NOT a cadre. We will take care of each other through this challenge and will stop to address any real concerns. Bitching does not count. Bitching gets you PT.

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