2.10.18 9pm Ruck update

No fancy message here. Just some facts.

Weather looks to be in the mid 30s with 50% chance of rain on Saturday night. Ask and you shall receive.

With temps that low I have removed the aquatic portion from our evening as the SkyQ will be providing us with plenty of practice working under wet conditions.

Updates to packing list.

Extra clothes for after party and/or ride home.

Large garbage bag.

Cash for cab or phone for Uber. We will be finishing at bar and you will be responsible for your own ride back to Holy Trinity. About 4 miles from endex.

Reminder: be at Holy Trinity ready to load and move out at 845pm. We will not be sticking around and my phone goes dark at 9pm. You miss the bus, that’s on you. P&L

See all details in original post

All planning to attend DM me on Slack or Twitter for digital disclaimer. And yes I am serious.

Extended deadline for HC to 12pm Thursday Feb 8th. After that, you can come but no pony rides for you.


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