Back Blast for #thebridge at @F3Parklands 02/07/2018

Q: Methane

PAX: Star Child, Tool Time, PK, Boozer, Uncle Rico, Little Jerry (R), Dunphy, Rhythm, Double Down (R), Methane

CONDITIONS: Sleet/Rain with a temp of 33°

ATTIRE: Nyke compression pants, Smedium F3 shirt, Unger Amore shell and Addios shoes.

This morning, 10 PAX put in a full body workout to #obtaingooder (yup, it’s a thing now)


not-in-the-middle-hedge-jumps – 25 IC

Moroccan Night Club – 18 IC

Abe Vagotas – 19 IC

Imperial Walkers – 17 IC


Partnered up for some timed exercises that worked on Arms, Legs, Abs, Back and Hamstrings/Calf. P1 would do exercise 1 for a count of 10 while P2 does an AMRAP of exercise 2. Then they switch exercise and repeat for 3 minutes. Then the same structure for exercise 3 and 4. The Pax would then take a lap around the parking and regroup for the next set.


1. Step ups

2. Monkey Humpers

3. Cobra Squats

4. Donkey Kicks


1. Carolina dry docs

2. Shoulder Tap Merkins

3. Staggered Merkins

4. Dips


1. American Hammers

2. Plank Jacks

3. LBC

4. Da Vinci s


1. Supermans

2. Hammer Heads

3. Curkins (cat Merkins)

4. Dolphin Kicks


1. Pickle Rockets

2. Calf Raises

3. Good Mornings

4. SSH


We circled up to count off and thank the SkyQ. Star Child let us know that there is an F3 Dads event coming up March 24th. Details to come. Thank you for your support and letting me Q.


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