Black Ops Preblast — Joe Creason (JC) Park: the Carpenter #getbetter @F3villeBlackOps

I’ve been on a roll naming inanimate objects lately, so why not continue the trend.

I hereby christen the potential AO at Joe Creason Park, the Carpenter.

Like the Blender, this has a double meaning.  And if you’re reading anything I write, you may be able to piece it together.  The first meaning is easy.  Carpenters sculpt and create out of chunks of wood.  We’re sculpting ourselves at every workout into fine chiseled gods, or something.

The second meaning is less obvious, but here’s a hint:  it has to do with a scene from a movie and every time I hear it (or even think about it) I laugh. Strong to quite strong.

If you can get it (except those I’ve clearly told; you know who you are), I’ll give you a sweet custom F3 Louisville Hoorag.  Tweet me at @jimmF3CI with your guess.  Hell, I’ll even mail it to you if you live somewhere other than Louisville.  Only one winner. My rules. This also assumes you want me to know where you live….

Anyway, I’m Q’ing at the Carpenter on Friday.  Bring running shoes, a strong will and an open mind.  Actually, the last one is unnecessary.  I’ve already decided what you’re doing.

Who:  All Pax who want to get better

What:  A CI beatdown

When:  Friday, February 9, 2018 at 0530 to 0615

Where:  Joe Creason Park; meet at the parking lot by the Metro Parks HQ; HYPERLINK TO GOOGLE MAPS

Why:  Why not?

How:  Through pure indomitable will


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