2/2 BackBlast Ruck Training at Big4Bridge


As a child I had many a nightmares due to my obsession with the TV show unsolved mysteries.  If you’re not familiar or a millennial, YouTube it.  The reason I tell you this; a man resembling the drawing above was out at 0530 walking the bridge and he didn’t look to be wearing a custom F3louisville hoorag so he certainly wasn’t a pax member.  As he approached the PAX I thought, I’ve seen this before, Unsolved Mysteries episode where dude in Ski Mask attacks a group of friends in the dark and is never to be seen again.  All of us let out a sigh of relief when the nice gentleman walked peacefully through our 10 Min. AMRAP man maker beating.  Serious question;

Who’s the dumb one?

10 dudes with backpacks doing burpees in 15* and whipping winds.


The lone ski mask ranger out for an EARLY morning stroll.


I expect feedback with a well thought out answer and explanation to the question above.  Aye!

Ok on to it.














top of bridge


10 man makers

10 ruck on front squats

10 ruck over head leg lifts

10 ruck curls


Fast pace ruck mid way Across the bridge


10 min AMRAP session rotating through the 4 exercises above 10 reps each exercise.


Fast pace ruck to the bottom of stairs Indiana Side.



10 Lunges

10 squats

10 merkins

10 mt climbers


Fast pace back up the stairs to the midway point again.


Another AMRAP only 7 minutes due to time.  Now rotating the exercises from Indiana IC.


Fast pace to the bottom of the bridge for COT.  I was literally in a pickle at this point.  Very nearly out of gas with no wallet because I’m smart and I forget.  Face is such a HIM that he leant me $5 so that the ski mask walker dude didn’t as CI put it “put me in a hole with lotion”  I don’t remember that episode of Unsolved mysteries.

But hey Keep Louisville Weird right




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