3.2.18 Norton Commons BlackOp PreBlast: We are all learnding

Quite down class. And please find your way to a ready position. For tomorrows lesson we will be focusing on the basics.

“Q-fessor Zartan, does that mean our shoes will stay dry tomorrow?”

No GlenRoss. In my experience I have learned that most people’s feet cry when they do Burpees so your shoes will take the brunt of those tears. Also it may rain tomorrow.

Back to tomorrow’s lesson. The Q is a Leader who takes responsibility for the outcome. All of you are leaders and therefore you all have the ability to Q your own work out. So our focus will be on hitting all the important parts of the workout and keeping the PAX together in an accelerating fashion to obtain goodr . (Check out the best shades ever)

For your homework, please review this post to familiarize yourself with the basics. Once these core components of a WO are mastered, you will all be one step closer to creating your very own Snot Woggle.

That’s it for today my fellow leaders. I look forward to growing in the gloom with each and everyone of you tomorrow.

Who: All HIMs

What: Bootcamp WO with emphasis on the basics

When: 3.2.18 at 0530

Where: Norton Commons

Directions to the Amphitheater from Chamberlain Lane:

enter Norton Commons in the second entrance (not the first one/ large round about on Chamberlain).  Turn right onto Blazing Star Lane.  Continue on Blazing Star Lane, at the first stop sign, turn left onto Coltsfoot Trace.  Continue on this road until it ends- you will now see the Amphitheater in front of you.

Why: Because its what HIMs do

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