The first time I did this star fish workout was last summer on vacation in Hilton Head and met up with the pax down there.  You can read my recon back blast from it here.

Today I had heard ahead of time that a visiting pax from Houston, Camo, would be posting so I was excited to meet a #HIM from another region.  Camo and F3 Houston know how it’s done and truly exemplify what F3 is all about.  You should check out the gallery showing the good work they did during Hurricane Harvey here.

By the time the workout started the rain was coming down really hard, we were soaked before we even really started.  Sometimes this is the best way to do it.

QIC:  Red Roof

Pax (21):  Scratch, Bean Counter, Scuba Steve, Double Down, Pope, Peach, Plethora, Nugget, McAfee, Who Dey (FNG), OJ, Grinder, Abacus, Flo Jo, Butcher, Captain Insane-o, Digiorno, Olaf (FNG from Dallas), Camo (Visiting pax from Houston), Red Roof, Gillespie.

Zootire: It was Tank Top Thursday, so I went with the vintage 1992 St. X Powerlifting shirt (a point not lost on Zoo I’m sure), Nike running shorts, and Brooks running shoes.  Full disclosure here:  Fat guys with small arms don’t generally rock the tank top look so I need to expand my wardrobe if we’re going to keep doing tanks on Thursdays.


Mosey to the school parking lot to get the blood flowing a little bit.  Started with the following:  SSH (x15), Imperial Walkers (x15), Cherry Pickers (x20), Arm Circles (xWhatever), BOYO (x5)

Mosey back to the tennis courts, picking up the coupons on our way.


The Thang #1

Starfish using the four corners of the tennis courts:  Merkins always in the middle and the four legs were Groiners (woof), LBC, Coupon Squats, and Coupon Press.

Start with one rep of Merkins then off to one of the legs for 2 of the next exercise.  Back to the middle for 3 merkins, then 4 of the next, etc etc.  If you’re counting at home that works out to 168 Merkins after you do your final set of 25.

It’s tough and it was raining…..a lot.  I believe the rain may have even hidden the tears of a few pax but I can’t say for sure.

Next take a break and circle up for some Mary:  DaVincents (x15) , LBC (w/ backfarts) (x15), Gas Pumps (x20).


Thang #2:

Partner up and grab a coupon on the base line of court 1.

Partner #1 jumps side to side over the coupon while Partner #2 runs down the tennis courts and back.  Switch jobs.

Next Partner #2: Karaoke up/run back while Partner #1 stays the same.  Switch jobs.

Next Partner #2: Mario’s up and back, Partner #1 stays the same.  Switch jobs.

Finally Partner #2 BOYO while Partner #1 stays the same.  Switch jobs.

Finish up with some planks and pickle pounders.  No harm done.


COT and Moleskin

Welcome FNGs: Olaf (from Dallas) and Who Dey!  Looking forward to seeing you in the gloom again soon.

Intentions were heard as were prayers to the Sky Q.  I’m really thankful for what we have here at F3 Louisville.


~Red Roof


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