#theExtender BackBlast 3/1/18 @F3theMutt Lookin for that 6th Ab.

PAX. Seriously. It’s time to get serious. March 1st marks the launch of the 2018 active wear Spring Fashion Collection Season (there’s a LOT of good stuff out there – hint. Pastels), and it marks exactly one month before the Louisville PAX take their pasty, shirtless, and toned bodies to Florida, or to their front yards for some sunninn and some stunninn.

When (not if) you read my pre blast you learned that I learned that after complaining a lot- and thus looking in the mirror (shirtless) a lot – I noticed that I only had a 5 pack. Maybe it’s a 6 pack, but maybe not. Im not sure. And I’m not moving the snake…so I really don’t know. So in case it was a 5 pack, I set up a Weinke to help YHC and 19 Pax find that 6th Ab at the Extender.


BumbleBee – Respect. Wore a yellow rain jacket. I noticed. He won’t read this- so I’ll tell him live.

Left eye aka Aeropostale Mutter

Deuce Mutter

Zima Mutter

BackDraft Mutter

OLdBay OG Mutter

Kilo – nice blue F3 smedium Poshee

Zartan OG Mutter

Moira – 3 in one week. Buy some gloves. Mutter

Noxeema Jackson- quote “I loves the Mutt” AO TBD

Mad Cow – calf sleeve game is on point Mutter

Wham! OFacer love seeing him at the Mutt

Bernie AO TBD

Wham-o Mutter VQ coming up

Draper Mutter. Welcome back

Spreadsheet Mutter. Quit posting and start shooting. Old man hoops playoffs Sunday


Buuuuusch Muuuuuter 5 U’s

Zoo YHC OG Mutter


New baby blue 7inch inseem Nike dry fit running shorts. Also gots me some 9 inchers. Um. More room, but I prefer the 7’s. My quad game is strong. I like to let them breathe. Long sleeve LuLu dry fit and a pastel yellow half sleeve rain jacket from the 2008 Hunting Creek Member Guest tournament . We won our flight. New Saucony gray and Orange everun 18’s. Gear was tight. Kilo noticed the Pastels. He’s growing up right in front of my eyes. Aye.

No FNG’s. No Fatone. Oh well. Disclaimer. Mosey around the school. Let’s warm up.


15 mountain climbers. In cadence

15 billy goat kickers. In cadence. PAX Loved. Moira complained.

Audible to Kendra Newman’s to give him a breather.

No SSH. It’s possible folks


Plank and touch hips to right then to left until your 6th Ab cramps.

We’re getting closer.

Thang 1

A real crowd pleaser. I didn’t do it at the Winter Olympics primer….but unveiled at my Q prior. Gin and Juice by The Gourds.

5 merkins every time he spells a word like D-O-Double G or N-U-Ts or G or whatever. 5 burpees every time he says Gin or Seagrams, or Tanqeray. Al Gore or plank in the 8 spare seconds when you’re not doing a Merkin or a burpee. Snoop is a good speller. Drinks a lot of gin. Mumble chatter slowed. Modifications happened. We were loose. Ready to Ab hunt.

Thang 2

Ace and Gary’s

Ace and Gary’s are new. I like to try new stuff when I Q. Example. When it rains for 10 days straight…Pull a flag audible. I decided to move the Mutt flag to higher ground so COT was less muddy. New flag spot worked great. Anywhoo-

Ace and Gary’s……Digiorno helped me after the blender to be sure these could be done. If you’re gonna Q it…do it. They worked great. I was Ace. He was Gary. We had a moment. I knew my wingman would be there to help me at the Extender. He betrayed me. Or already HC’d to RedRoof…mostly Digiorno betrayed me.

Mosey to the “honey hole”. This is what we call the courtyard enclosed by the school and church. Break into 4 groups. I could’ve done this better. Always learning as a Q.

1 PAX lays on picnic table on back with torso hanging off the end. This is Ace. Gary is holding his legs while on the picnic table planking. Gary’s face is close-ish to the 7inch seem. Whatever. We’re on a mission to find that 6th Ab. Ace bends backwards trying to get head close to the ground. Come up and pat Gary on the head. 10 reps is good. 15 is gooder. 20 is woof! The other PAX are rotating between coupon curls, dips, Derkins, incline merkins, and standing around and chatting while not doing anything merkins (Hi BackDraft) etc. After everyone gets a shot at being Ace…we put Ace in a new position. Lay on stomach. Don’t worry. Gary is right behind you holding ankles. (We could’ve broken the “heard at F3” channel today.) Ace’s Torso hanging off the edge of the picnic table. Touch the ground with your hands, and extend arms out like Superman (or Jack from Titanic) on your way up. Same count. Many did 20. ABs being found. Lastly, Ace gets back on his back. Gary’s right there holding firm. Gary being Gary. Torso hanging off edge. Hold a coupon. Get to work. Bend backwards and come up. Rinse and repeat-o until you cry. Buuuuusch did 30. Animal. Don’t be on the same beach as him. You’ll lose.

We finally finished. All PAX Ace’d and Gary’d. All were wet and steamy from the coupon pumping, Ab work, and the mist. We moseyed back for coupon return and some Mary.


We had 3 PAX who had 3 posts under their belts. They keep coming back. Aye! And they had yet to meet Jack Webb. No problem. I know him. Merkins, and arm presses. 1:4. I had this on the Weinke anyway for my man Glauc. He loves Jack Webb. But apparently he also loves slipping discs twice a year. Darn. Get well soon buddy. Hate that happened. We missed ya. After Webb was done, and Kilo was done making fun of my Pom Pom jazz hands arm pressey things…..we did 5 Catalina Wine makers…..And guess what? Working during those final 37 seconds yielded a few 6 packs poppin out. Good work boys!!


Circled up around the flag. Less mud. More intentions. Moira is embracing his name. Adds a little “Tanks fir nuttin” before. He’s having fun. Thats the point. There was Lots to say. Lots of people need prayers and help…..Hope things went as well as they could Spreadsheet.

Fun day. I was honored to lead these men. They inspire me, they make me better, they make me laugh, and they are awesome! And for all that I’m so thankful!

Oh. And. Hi 6 pack!

Zoo. Out. Smiling.

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