F3 #TheYachtClub (Hilton Head Island) RECON: 07/20/17 from Red Roof

While on vacation last week, I decided to take a break from the normal routine of sitting on the beach and chasing my kids around all day and see about getting a proper beatdown from the Pax at #TheYachtClub, a newer AO that is part of #F3Bluffton and #F3LowCountry.

The guys there were very welcoming to visitors and there were Pax from from other regions as well (#F3Toledo and #F3Gastonia come to mind).  If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend posting on Tuesday or Thursday there at 5:15am.

One reason I wanted to post there is to see how they do things and how F3 Louisville compares.  Basically, is what we’re doing true to F3 form and what can be improved on? We’re relatively new in the F3 world and these guys have been doing it a while, especially at Bluffton.

It’s been a few days now since my post so a lot of the names are escaping me but DaVinci was the Q (guest Q I believe from Gastonia) and a couple of the other pax’s names were Squid and Boucher (think Waterboy Bobby Boucher).

A few notes from my visit:

  • Hats off to the guys who do this regularly in the deep south, the heat and humidity are no joke in SC in July.  I started sweating just talking about working out.
  • Counting and calling exercises – the Q and Pax are very deliberate about the cadence and exercise calling.  They also never said ahead of time how many of an exercise we were doing, which is cool.  They rely on the last call to know when to stop.
  • Mary – we did a good 8-10 minutes of Mary as part of our workout.  I’m assuming other pax tend to do more of this daily than we do.
  • How we stack up – We seem to be in line with most things these guys do: COP, the Thang, and COT were almost all identical with a few minor exceptions.  It’s really a neat thing to witness.
  • Familiarity – More to the point, I can’t begin to tell you how cool it was just to look up the location and pop in for a workout knowing you’re going to meet a bunch of guys for a familiar workout with all pre-tenses and ego left at home.  Pax are high-fiving each other and helping the last guy finish just like here.

All in all it was a great experience.  If you’re out of town for work/play try to check out a workout in the area, you’ll really witness the power of F3 Nation.

~Red Roof

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