3/7 BlackOps for potential Jtown AO #VMP #GasLight

6FA8376D-4343-4790-B14A-B65BCF5F97A4Its finally happening, well not just yet, but almost.  Almost happening.  Our park is not yet complete, when it is however this may be the most perfect AO not only in F3Louisville, but in all of F3Nation.

Veterans park (Helicopter and tank) on taylorsville Rd. is currently transforming into Veterans memorial park, with monuments dedicated to all 5 branches of our military.

Please spread the word to those you know in The Jtown area.  St. Michaels parishioners I’m looking at you!  Grave Digger, Rhythm, Bob Ross, PK let’s head lock our heads off to make this a thing.


First Post: Wednesday 3/7 0530-0615

KiloQ FNG friendly

Where: 10719 Old Taylorsville Rd. 40299

The front entrance to the park, is currently blocked off.  Old taylorsville Rd is off of Ruckregal.  Once you turn on Old taylorsville you will see a parking lot across from the ball fields, this is where we will meet.  The address above should get you there just fine.






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