The Extender @F3TheMutt Pre-Blast “Bag o’ Complaints”

I hate to admit it… But I’ve been complaining a lot. Like a whole lot. Mostly about the theory of the color Orange. But still. I’m in a bad spot.

So I’ve been going to my bathroom and looking in the mirror…a lot. Always shirtless. Duh. Cuz that’s what the F3 website recommends…I think. Anyway— I haven’t gotten any answers to my complaints…Other than CI’s recommendation to wear more orange. I did. It didn’t work. But I looked Fabulous.

Anywho. I’ve noticed that I only have a five pack rocking right now… maybe I should quit walking around with a snake covering my 6th ab….maybe. But Maybe not. I think the snake is one of my best accessories. Kinda like how snake hill is one of the Mutt’s best accessories. Anyhow, this 5 pack angers me. I complained about it… And here I am back at the mirror looking at myself. Shirtless. Not weird. So I guess I’m going to do something about it… See you at the Mutt … Bring your abs…and your gore-tex, and your brother, and your will to get better…..cuz the spring break Ab game is no joke. And we’re a month away. It’s Time to get serious. Seriously.


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