2/28/2018 #Blender BackBlast

Q- Glen Ross: Pax (13) Zoo, Old Bay, Backdraft, Pope, Digiorno, Snowman, Grinder, Vincent (Respect), P.E.D.(fng), Pinky Pie, Left Eye, Moira

Conditions: Cloudy, 57 and no rain

Gear:  OVO Owl Hoodie (another Christmas gift) but really I was so ready to take this off and show off the new T.  I’ve been waiting to Q a day where I could wear my new Q t-shirt.  Picked this up on amazon for $12 and was then harassed by the M for buying it (not because of the cost, i think shes embarrassed)

The theme today, if you read the preblast was your M is counting on you.  If you don’t have an M, then maybe it’s a 2.0, parents, friend or co-worker.  Either way, remember what HIM stands for and continue to lead by example

I felt good this morning- went to bed expecting rain and being back at the Mutt I knew kind of what I wanted to do.  So unlike last weeks monsoon at Norton Commons, I was ready for another rainy Q.   So it was a nice surprise to see it hold off- special thanks to the Sky Q on that one.  Let’s get started:

Noticed an FNG, welcomed him to the group and gave the disclaimer and we got started.

Mosey over to Zoo’s dad’s tree for warmup.  15 SSH (IC), 15 Imperial Walkers (IC) and then a few minutes of stretching.  Next, we moseyed down Leland looking for Zartan, stopping at each light pole for Merkins.  Mixed in some BOYOs too and saw Zartan’s car in the drive way.  Knowing he fartsacked, but didn’t go to Tron’s workout at Poshland made me feel much better (hopefully CI didn’t pick him up).  We continued down Leland, Merkins/ BOYOs- up and back.  95 Merkins/ 30 BOYOs.  This was a nice warm up and got the arms and legs ready for Thang 2

Mosey back to grab coupons- 2 per person and set up in the parking lot.  In rows- with about 10 yards apart we started with each end with Lunges/ Squats then bear crawl to the next coupon.  So this would be 20 at the start, 20 at the first coupon, 20 at second coupon and 20 at the end.  With 13 Pax, we were able to use all of the coupons and could add in more coupon work.

1) One armed presses- 40 totals

2) Curls- 40 totals

3) Bench press- 40 Total

4) Coupon swings- 30 total

5) Bench press- 40 total

worked up a nice sweat doing this and put the coupons up.  With about 10 minutes left and circled up for some Mary

20 American Hammers IC, 20 LBCs IC, 20 Gas Pumps IN, 20 single count Big Boys, 20 dying coach roach (thanks Pope) IC, 10 Catalina Wine Makers (maybe a preview for tomorrow/ thanks Zoo) and ended with reverse plank Saturday nights (thanks Vincent)

Name-o-Rama with 1 FNG, hint, he’s a former semi professional cyclist.  Vincent had the six and told us about his name- if anyone is do for a name change it’s him/ maybe Schwarzenegger? Mentioned announcements- happy hour today, plus mentioned site Q’s for the rest of the week- the calendar is jam packed and we ended with prayers.

Lastly if you read this to the bottom, I encourage you to find someone in Slack that you don’t normally workout with, and send him a brief message offering support/ encouragement; or maybe it’s an invite to join you at the Happy Hour today or an AO you will be at later this week.   The Q juice was overwhelming today- thanks for letting me lead


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