Dungeons and Dragons and Burpees

On the fifty-ninth day, of the two-thousand-eighteenth year, of the second age, a fellowship of nineteen pax set forth on a journey forth from Gheen’s Lodge on a quest to destroy the sad clown by rolling dice and consulting spreadsheets and damage tables, etc.

The Fellowship

Tron, the Q, first of his name

Star Child, of the noisy pants clan, first of his name

Bob Ross, from the mountains by the happy little trees, first of his name

Gypsy, the wanderer, first of his name

Double Down, the respected, first of his name

Tool Time, the lender, first of his name

Glaucoma, the seer, first of his name

Swifty, the swift, first of his name

Red Roof, the wise, first of his name

Captain Insane-O, the sleeveless, of the Büd L’îght tribe, first of his name

Pew Pew, the fierce, first of his name

Slippers, the fleet footed, first of his name

Gillispie, the coach, first of his name

McAfee, the not seen for a while, first of his name

Grave Digger, the shoveler, first of his name

Boozer, the early departer, first of his name

Mr. Hat, the early departer, second of his name

Dunphy, the early departer, third of his name

and also Methane

Warm up

The fellowship fled from the shovel flags (American and Ghost) neither late, nor early, but precisely when they intended, and moseyed to the parking lot across the parking lot.  They prepared for the journey that lay ahead with SSH, Abe Vigoda, Arm Circles, Plank Jacks and some light stretching.

Continued journey to The Bridge of Pöshlændiå

The Thang

YHC explained his love of Dungeons and Dragons and how it’s just rolling dice and looking at spreadsheets and charts and tables and maps. (I know, can you believe the guy named Tron is into that kind of stuff).

So one member of the fellowship would roll 4d20 (translation: would roll a twenty sided dice four times) then we would consult our tables and spreadsheets (pictured below) to determine the next stage of our journey.


Example: A roll of 12 – 10 – 18 – 7, meant we would do 12 reps of exercise 10 (Burpees), run across the bridge, and do 18 reps of exercise 7 (Donkey Kicks).  Back across the bridge. Rinse and repeat.

Think we got through 8 or so rounds of this. Hard to keep track of all we did. Someone rolled a 1, which as we all know is a natural miss.  The penalty was bear crawling the bridge instead of running. And I suspect there were loaded dice involved as we ended with a good number of burpees.  Insane-O encouraged us all to run very fast across the bridge (actual video footage below)


Journeyed back to the flags for some Mary, the witch, last of her name, exercises.

Name-O-Rama, Circle of Trust, thanks to SkyQ and we’re out, precisely when we intended.


F3Dads event on March 24.

New AO The Carpenter at Joe Creason starts Tuesday March 6


– Tron Out

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