PreBlast – Tron’s 5ish year postiversary Q – Bag o’ Wrenches at The O

✅ Running Shoes❌ Coupons✅ Gloves✅ Can do attitude It’s been 5ish years since I joined this cult, so come out and celebrate with me. We’ve run every possible workout, so I’ll be digging into the archives and running back the workout from my FNG post. Sure it was an hour workout, and we only haveContinue reading “PreBlast – Tron’s 5ish year postiversary Q – Bag o’ Wrenches at The O”

tron preblast bag of wrenches at the o

1this is the preblast for my q at the o tomorrow tuesday july the thirteenth in the year of our lord two thousand twenty one at five thirty in the am, written as required by article twelve section fourteen paragraph eight of the geneva conventions 2there have been foretellings of great tempests which will descendContinue reading “tron preblast bag of wrenches at the o”

Bag of Wrenches – Tron Classic Workout

Anyone here watch ESPN Classic? Yeah, I did. I saw a baseball game on there. The guy hit a foul ball…fucking, classic man Mitch Hedberg – Do You Believe In Gosh? We’ll be running back a classic* workout. Emphasis on the “running”. And on the “back”. And on the “we’ll”. Really emphasis on the wholeContinue reading “Bag of Wrenches – Tron Classic Workout”

Pre Blast – Vernal Equinox at Temple of Gloom

Four weeks ago, I published this Pre-Pre-Blast, which was praised by critics worldwide, some of them saying such things as: “I think, and with earnest and honest consideration . . . that The Grapes of Wrath Tron’s PrePreBlast is the greatest American novel PreBlast I have ever read.” —Dorothy Parker “We read The Catcher in the Rye Tron’sContinue reading “Pre Blast – Vernal Equinox at Temple of Gloom”

Pre-Pre Blast: The Vernal Equinox, A Dream of Spring

Well hello everyone. Thanks for coming. I’m sure you’re all wondering why I’ve called you here today, so let’s just get right into it. As you may have noticed, we have experienced a very mild winter season this year, and I’m sure you are all wondering the cause of that. I know you’re all sayingContinue reading “Pre-Pre Blast: The Vernal Equinox, A Dream of Spring”

Backblast: Tron’s 2 Year Anniversary Q

Q: Tron (YHC) PAX: Eggo, PK, Splinter, Pork Chop, Captain InsaneO, Gillispie, Girl Scout (FNG), Face, Jinxie, Headboard, Pope, WHAM!, Butcher, Lobstah, Zartan, Violet, Vincent, Flo Jo, Tammy Faye Baker, Carlose Conditions: Optimal Recently I had been thinking to myself, “You know Tron, I think your two year F3 anniversary is coming up.  You should getContinue reading “Backblast: Tron’s 2 Year Anniversary Q”

PREBLAST: Tron Two Year Anniversary Q at The O

Did you know Tron is the Q at the O tomorrow? Oh who am I kidding, of course you know.  It’s all anyone has been talking about for months.  I most certainly knew before this afternoon and obviously have a weinke that I have spent many weeks assembling and not just something I found whenContinue reading “PREBLAST: Tron Two Year Anniversary Q at The O”

Tron’s 12 Days of Christmas in July in August Backblast

Q: Tron PAX: Chicken Fried, Tin Cup, Red Roof, Buschhhhh, Gillispie, Digiornio, Vincent (R), Who Dey, Captain Insane-O, Scuba Steve, Flo Jo, Do Do Do Do Do, OJ, Tron (YHC) Gear Check: We were all wearing clothes. Some less when they finished than when they started. I ran a 12 Days of Christmas themed workout right before ChristmasContinue reading “Tron’s 12 Days of Christmas in July in August Backblast”

Backblast: Tron’s Oneish year anniversary Q at The Carpenter

Q: Tron PAX: Shiplap, Flo Jo (tanked), Trump (custom hand made tank), Captain Insane-O (tanked) Conditions: 70 degrees. 800% humidity. If there’s one exercise I hate, it’s Burpees.  If there’s two exercises I hate, it’s Burpees and Running.  So that’s what we did. Run for about a minute.  Stop, and do 5-10 burpees.  Sometimes in cadence (6 countContinue reading “Backblast: Tron’s Oneish year anniversary Q at The Carpenter”

Preblast: Tron’s f3-versary(ish)/hundredth post(ish)/post memorial day/pre labor day/almost 4th of July Carpenter workout spectacular

tuesday! TUESDAY! TUESDAY!  For one morning only. No Purchase Necessary Prices and participation may vary See store for details Any questions? “Yes, I have a question, will there be running?” “Followup question, will I have to do any burpees?” “Final question, will I, quote, ‘get better’, unquote?”   SYITG Tron out

PreBlast: A Dream of Spring – Temple of Gloom

“WHY IS IT SNOWING LIKE EVERYDAY IN THE MIDDLE OF MARCH?!? DOESN’T ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THIS?!? I FEEL LIKE I’M TAKING CRAZY PILLS!!” Look, I know what has to be done.  We have to make a sacrifice to the gods of winter if we want this winter to end.  I’ve got to say goodbye toContinue reading “PreBlast: A Dream of Spring – Temple of Gloom”

Dungeons and Dragons and Burpees

On the fifty-ninth day, of the two-thousand-eighteenth year, of the second age, a fellowship of nineteen pax set forth on a journey forth from Gheen’s Lodge on a quest to destroy the sad clown by rolling dice and consulting spreadsheets and damage tables, etc. The Fellowship Tron, the Q, first of his name Star Child,Continue reading “Dungeons and Dragons and Burpees”

Backblast 1/6/2018 #TheHurt

QIC: Tron Pax: Captain Insane-o, Mr Ed, Old Bay, Zartan, Waterboy, Zoolander, Digornio, Gepetto, Loco, Glenn Ross, Zima, Wham-o, Buschhhhhhh, Backdraft ”I’ve got a jacket in my car if you want it” said Captain InsaneO as YHC approaches the circle. “What for?” I smugly asked. Then we started to Mosey and I thought to myself, that jacketContinue reading “Backblast 1/6/2018 #TheHurt”

Preblast: Tron Q @ #TheHurt

Oh hello there.  Thanks for stopping by. What are you up to these days? That’s great. Oh, Me? I’m just putting the finishing touches on my weinke for tomorrow’s workout.  Coming together real nice.  Got the mosey to the basketball courts on there.  Got some exercises on the tennis courts. Maybe even go over toContinue reading “Preblast: Tron Q @ #TheHurt”

Preblast: #TempleOfGloom 12-21-2017

Most of YHC’s house has been down for the count for a few days thanks to Winter Sickness ’17.   I’ve heard the only prescription for that is a good old fashioned holiday themed beat down in the gloom.  So come out for the aforementioned beatdown, or maybe just to see me in a drunken Ny’QuilContinue reading “Preblast: #TempleOfGloom 12-21-2017”

BACKBLAST – 10/24 at The O

QIC: Tron Pax: Double Down (respect), Diablo, Captain Insane-O, Red Roof, Glenn Ross,  OJ, Nugget, Ex-Lax, Goodman, Bo Schembechler, Loko, Trump, Scratch, Bean Counter, Belding (FNG),  Butcher, Storm Trooper, Fall Guy (respect), Newman, Vincent (respect), Cutlass, WHAM!   When I was up answering mother nature’s call in the middle of the night and saw it wasContinue reading “BACKBLAST – 10/24 at The O”

PREBLAST: The O, Pumpkin Spice Workout

Now that we’re actually waking up to crisp, fall mornings, I figure it’s time to capitalize on what every other industry does this time of year, Pumpkin Spice! Frequently Asked Questions Question: What does that even mean? Answer:    Question: Last time you were Q, we ran a lot. Can we not do that thisContinue reading “PREBLAST: The O, Pumpkin Spice Workout”

Back Blast: The O 8/31/2017

While other AO’s were focused on petty flag thievery, 14 PAX were focused on getting better at The O. VQ: Tron PAX: Cutlass, Face, Cap’n Insane-O, Trump, Red Roof, Red Snappa’, Glenn Ross, Tin Cup, Mr Clean, Scratch, Pope (in a custom built Tron hat), Bean Counter and Loco Track Condition: Fast Mosey the long way toContinue reading “Back Blast: The O 8/31/2017”