Backblast: Tron’s Oneish year anniversary Q at The Carpenter

Q: Tron

PAX: Shiplap, Flo Jo (tanked), Trump (custom hand made tank), Captain Insane-O (tanked)

Conditions: 70 degrees. 800% humidity.

If there’s one exercise I hate, it’s Burpees.  If there’s two exercises I hate, it’s Burpees and Running.  So that’s what we did.

Run for about a minute.  Stop, and do 5-10 burpees.  Sometimes in cadence (6 count cadence is hard).  Sometimes OYO.  But always with perfect form.

Now, that may sound like a lot of running, but remember, the Carpenter is perfectly flat.
giphy (2)

Luckily we saved the monster hill for the very end, when we all had the most energy.


All told, about 2.5 miles and 100+ burpees.  Woof. Luckily we had a few minutes left at the end to cover the parking lot in sweat while we did some Mary.

Ended with COT and some other words.

Thanks to everyone reading this.  This last year has been great and each of you has played a part in that.  Look forward to all the workouts and other stupid stuff we come up with in the years to come.




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