The Incubator – 6/25 – Back Blast

A little rain on a Monday morning didn’t stop 22 HIM’s from getting after it at The Incubator. Aside from the rain, my VQ went pretty much as planned and I enjoyed being out there and having the opportunity to lead a great group. As I mentioned in the Pre-Blast, I took bits and pieces from some of the workouts I’ve been involved in and then added a bit of my own flavor to the mix. Here’s what we did:


Mosey to the coupon lot – Circle up, welcome the FNG’s, disclaimer, etc.

SSH x 30, Grass Grabbers X 20, Right Stretch/Left Stretch, Run in place/High Knees w/ Burpees around the horn(taken from a CI Q)

Partner up, grab a coupon and mosey to the bridge

Partner 1 runs over the bridge to the other side and does 5 burpees at the bottom, Bernie Sanders back up the hill to the top of the bridge then turn around and hard run to the bottom of the other side of the hill (I should mention that we started at the corner not at the foot of the hill so we added some flat distance before getting to the hill)

Partner 2 stays w/ the coupon and starts on 1st round of 3 different exercises as follows:

100 Merkins

100 coupon swings

100 coupon squats

Partner 1 picked up the count where Partner 2 left off upon returning from the bridge run. (Stolen from Nickelback Q)

Once finished, the PAX completed 50 Merkins at their own pace before we Moseyed back to the coupon lot.

At the coupon lot:

Cones were set up at the 25yd and 50 yd mark – we then utilized the same partner approach swapping back and forth for the following:

  1. Partner 1: 25yd Walking Lunge/25yd hard sprint – jog back to starting cone / Partner 2: LBC’s
  2. Partner 1: 25yd Squat Jump/25yd hard sprint – jog back / Partner 2: Plank
  3. Partner 1: 25yd Walking Merkins/25yd hard sprint – jog back / Partner 2: Squat Hops
  4. Partner 1: Buddy Carry 50 yd / Partner 2: Buddy Carry 50yd back

Mosey back to the Flag for Mary

Big Boy Sit Up / Left, Right, Left, Right Pyramid up to 10 BBS and 40 L,R,L,R (Stolen from PK and CI Q’s)

Headcount: 22 PAX – Aerobi(R), Star Child, Milton(FNG), Double Down(R), Meter Maid, Grandpa Bear, Little Jerry(R), Thumbtack, Banana Bread, Abacus, Ashley, Storm Trooper, Sadie(FNG), Maxi, Gilly, Forced Close(R), Shuttlecock, Dynomite, Bobble, Glaucoma, Boozer, Catfish

We discussed the successful Ruck on Friday night and encouraged those curious about rucking to reach out to someone and give it a shot

COT: Intentions for Pope, Weedwacker, Abacus, Double Down




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