Backblast 1/6/2018 #TheHurt

QIC: Tron

Pax: Captain Insane-o, Mr Ed, Old Bay, Zartan, Waterboy, Zoolander, Digornio, Gepetto, Loco, Glenn Ross, Zima, Wham-o, Buschhhhhhh, Backdraft

”I’ve got a jacket in my car if you want it” said Captain InsaneO as YHC approaches the circle.

“What for?” I smugly asked.

Then we started to Mosey and I thought to myself, that jacket sound real warm right about now.

Start off with a mosey around the building (church? School? Horse stable?) I’m not sure, I’m new here.

Circle up for some warm ups. (Cold ups?). Abe Vigodas. Grass Grabbers. SSH. Arm circles. Imperial Walkers. Plank and arms to the sky stretch.

Thang 1

Single file line against the building. Alternate through exercises of Wall Sits, Balls to the Wall, Elbow Plank, Merkins, and Lbcs. (About 45 second rounds). While that’s going on, pax member st the end of the line steps out, does 5 Burpees, 🐻 Crawl to front of line and does 5 coupon curls.

1) the ground was cold.

2) the ground was cold

3) make sure your hands are dry before workout

4) the ground was really cold.

Some ran to their cars to get extra clothes. Someone came through with hand warmers. They did not start working immediately, much to the Pax chagrin. But all pax remained

We made it through 2 rounds which covered most of the length of the building.

Thang 2

Mosey to the hill into Maryhill.

Did a modified version of 11s. (Black Jack working title). Eleven Bobby Hurley’s at the bottom. Ten scissor lunges at the bottom. Twelve Bobby Hurley at the bottom, nine scissor lunges at the top, etc.

Unconfirmed but I believe the temperature reached 0° Kelvin about halfway through.

Moseyed back to parking light and basked in the heat of the sun as Pax took turn calling out Mary (or today maybe more appropriately Elsa) exercises.

Mosey back to flag. COT. NAME O RAMA. Thank the SkyQ for the ability to get out and do stupid stuff in cold weather.


Guys, I hate the cold. And there not s change I would have been out there today if I wasn’t on the Q and had guys counting on me for a beat down. If you’ve not stepped up and Qd a workout, do it. It’s easy and it’s motivation to get out of the nice warm bed every time.

– Tron Out.

One thought on “Backblast 1/6/2018 #TheHurt

  1. Thanks for keeping me in line. Early onset hypothermia had me thinking crazy thoughts like, “my pinkies are more important than this free workout.” Your Q cleared my head of those selfish thoughts!


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