Backblast: Tron’s 2 Year Anniversary Q

Q: Tron (YHC)

PAX: Eggo, PK, Splinter, Pork Chop, Captain InsaneO, Gillispie, Girl Scout (FNG), Face, Jinxie, Headboard, Pope, WHAM!, Butcher, Lobstah, Zartan, Violet, Vincent, Flo Jo, Tammy Faye Baker, Carlose

Conditions: Optimal

Recently I had been thinking to myself, “You know Tron, I think your two year F3 anniversary is coming up.  You should get on the schedule to Q that.”  But then instead of signing up, I’d just go eat some chips instead.  Well little did I know, that two-months-ago-Tron, a much wiser and motivated individual, had already signed us up, but forgot to set any kind of reminder.  Luckily around 5pm yesterday afternoon I was wasting time scrolling through the twitter dot com instead of doing something worthwhile, and saw this tweet

My initial reaction was something like this


That’s right, I looked just like when Dawson found out Pacy was a Cylon.  (I think that’s how the episode went, it’s been a while seen I watched that show). Luckily I had lots of stuff going on all night, so I had a solid 15 minute window to plan a beat down.

The Thang

Mosey the long way to the tennis courts.  Warm up with SSH (getting progressively faster), Imperial Walkers, Grass Grabbers, and some stretching.

Mosey the long way to the other tennis court and broke off into ten groups.  Oh look, there were ten stations set up as well, how convenient.  Each station had an exercise listed, such as:

Bobby Hurleys

Coupon Overhead Press

Elbow Plank

Wall Sit

Box Cutters

B to the Wall Merkins

T Merkins

High Knees

Big Boy Situps


Started and did short circuits (should have called them Johnny 5s, dammit Tron why do you think of the good stuff too late) of 30 seconds and then rotated around.  After a full circuit, one of the exercises was eliminated.  Group at the eliminated exercise was redistributed using the Diffie–Hellman key exchange algorithm.  RepeatO until every exercise had been eliminated.

Back to the Tri-Flags. Name O Rama (Welcome FNG Girl Scout.  He and his 8(?) brothers are all Eagle Scouts and basically invented The Boy Scouts).  COT and out.

Thanks to everyone who made it out.  And to everyone who didn’t…you’re dead to me.  I’ll see you all the next time I Q, approximately 1 year from now.

tron out

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