6/22 Hurt BackBlast

Pax: Grinder, Tureen, Fridge, Deuce, SumpPump, Pope, Blueprint, Noxema Jackson, Windshield, Goldfinger (FNG), Glen Ross Q

Conditions: Wet and stormy


In the preblast I mentioned this weinke would be long, hard and dark (the dark part was Red Roof)—so I named this workout the John Holmes.  We also got wet too.  Got up at 6, wrote out my weinke on piece of cardboard and made my way over to the Mutt.  The past 3 Saturdays have been brutal workouts so I wanted to make sure I could deliver and keep the streak going.  I plant the flag and meet David—our new FNG who lives in the neighborhood.  Disclaimer at 7pm—one FNG (credit to Cornbread w/ the naked HL)

Short mosey to portico for warmup 20 SSH/ 20 Imperial Walkers/ 20 Mountain Climbers/ 10 Merkins/ 10 Bobby Wagners

Thang 1: Idea was to use coupons at each end of the basketball court and the Mutt has surplus of over 30 coupons so I knew we would have enough.  Unfortunately, I took a wrong turn and we went the long way with the farmer carry.   This sucked—tore up everybody’s arms but we made it over to the basketball court for what I called Hoops and Hops.  Coupons at each end with hops between.  Round one was 25 of each, then hop down the court for 25 more

Round 1: Curls/ Presses/ Rows

Round 2: 40 at each end hops in the between.  Originally said 50 but had to shave this down to 40 Curls/ Presses/ Rows

7:25—had to modify as storm was now on top of us and seek some shelter away from trees and metal basketball polls.

Drag the coupons back—this time taking the short cut and meet up at the top of the portico for thang 2:

Got this idea from Vincent when he did Merkin Mountain, but modified it to Gas Pump flats. Same idea as what he did, just subbed in Gas Pumps and due to the storm we stayed over near the portico—so mostly flat. This is 5 rounds of Gas Pumps—starting at 20, then 40, then 60, then 80, then 100. In between each round you would run 1 lap (approximately 150 yards), then 2 laps, then 3 laps, then 4 laps, then 5 laps.  Pax wrapped this up with 10 minutes left.  By now we had already clocked over 3 miles so no more running.  Settled in for old fashioned jack Webb and finished right at 8

COT: Named FNG Goldfinger—he works at Fort Knox counting gold all day, so this was an easy one.

Announcements, intention and closing prayer. Sorry about the arms, mine are just now better.  Learned a lot and farmer carrying long distance is not a good idea in short sleeve weather.  Great energy and solid 2nd F for the entire hour too.  Thanks to all the pax for pushing and motivating me–I couldn’t do any of this without you guys!



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