6.22.19 The Nest @The County: Back Blast

Once again Mother Nature had me guessing. After a dicey weather week, Saturday would be no different. I had been obsessively checking the forecast on Saturday eve like Rain Man needing to be in front of the tv at Wheel of Fortune time. No choice but to prepare two different workouts. As I peeled myself out of the fart sack at 0630 and checked the weather, the 80% chance of thunderstorms told me there was a good chance I might be doing this one solo. As 0700 approached, I pulled in and placed my goodies, (arriving a bit hot [per the norm unfortunately]), I saw 10 other PAX waiting to get started. NICE!!

Cochran, LePew, Trekkie, Pelican, Primetime, Red Rider, Jolly Rancher, CrockPot, Captain Crunchberry, Scuba Steve, BigBird-QIC

0700, currently dry but weather rolling in.

COP: Michael Phelps 10IC, 15 3count Merkins, Quad Stretch, Hillbilly Squats 15IC- rinse and repeat for a total of 3 rounds

Tabata 1: coupon push press

Tabata 2: BigBird lunges

Thang 1: Coupon Farmers carry 40 yards. 10 merkins on one side, 10 jump lunges on the other. Rinse and repeat for three rounds.

Thang 2: 12 minute AMRAP to the GOT entrance song on loop. 5 merkins, 10 box jumps & 15 dips: the weather really started rolling in with some heavy rain and claps of thunder so we would carry on under the portico. During our hard work, we had some good periods of mumble chatter that you had to be there to witness but a couple nuggets were: Jolly Rancher and others either mentioning that they either hadn’t seen GOT, or were disappointed by the out come. And my favorite: Cochran talking about doing a Vanilla Ice song for an 8th grade talent show.

We finished up and had some time for Mary. At this point it was really raining and we had managed to stay dry. I left it up to the PAX to determine if we finished under the portico or moseyed in the rain to the flags and finish there. No one opposed to being in the rain and most chimed in with, “you’re the Q…” so off we would Mosey.

Red Rider, Trekkie, Cochran, LePew and Scuba Steve…wait Crockpot? Well, maybe Crockpot was harnessing his inner Scuba…would all lead us in some Mary exercises.

We circled up for some announcements and intentions. I thanked everyone for making the decision to pull themselves out of bed on a Saturday to work with me. We prayed to the Lord in Thanksgiving and asked that he help us to go out and be better men and to be a beacon of light to those in darkness.

Until Next Time…


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