BACKBLAST – 10/24 at The O

QIC: Tron

Pax: Double Down (respect), Diablo, Captain Insane-O, Red Roof, Glenn Ross,  OJ, Nugget, Ex-Lax, Goodman, Bo Schembechler, Loko, Trump, Scratch, Bean Counter, Belding (FNG),  Butcher, Storm Trooper, Fall Guy (respect), Newman, Vincent (respect), Cutlass, WHAM!


When I was up answering mother nature’s call in the middle of the night and saw it was raining, I got worried that there wasn’t going to be a big enough PAX to divvy out the exercises to.  But then, when I rolled into the park at 5:15 and there were already 6 guys standing around waiting, I suddenly got worried that I hadn’t brought enough equipment.


Start off with a mosey to the school.  Circle up and warm up with 13 Counts of Abe Vigodas and Side Straddle Hops.

Pumpkin Spice Part 1:

Divided PAX into nine groups.  Group 1 draws an exercise from the Trick or Treat bucket.  Other groups AMRAP that exercise while Group 1 runs an ~800m loop while carrying pumpkins.  Repeat with each group drawing a new exercise.  Exercises included Burpees, Wall Sits, LBCs, American Hammers, Side Straddle Hops, Step Ups, Air Squats, Air Presses and Imperial Walkers

Pumpkin Spice Part 2:

Switch up roles.  Work through the groups again but this time Group 1 does their exercise from part 1 while holding the Pumpkin Coupon while the rest of the group sprints to end of the parking lot and back (and falls in line with the exercise).  Repeat for each group. Still not sure how Insane-O and Double Down managed their Pumpkin Burpees.

Wrapped up with a little Mary and mosey’d back to flag.

Name-O-Rama (Goodman called 6 and shared that he got his name because he’s as competitive as this guy).  Intentions were shared for several family members recovering from surgeries and others battling cancers.  Prayers lifted for those. Thanks to our visiting friends Bo Schembachler and Belding for joining us, and thanks to all the PAX for allowing me to lead a great group of #HIMS



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