3.20.18 BO Ruck BB: No One Knows

PAX: Diablo, Geppetto, Jordy, GlenRoss, Sump Pump, Zartan (Q)

Conditions: feels like 28* with 11 mph wind out of the North (it’s colder up there)

Gearlander: Salomon kicks with no see em socks, NorthFace Shorts, Nike tee, Patagonia windbreaker, F3 Louisville ascot, mud gear Tac hat.

We often hear guys saying “at F3 we don’t get up for easy.” And anyone who posts at 0530 knows this to be true. You leave a warm bed to go have one of your buddies or future buddies kick the crap out of you in all kinds of conditions. Rain or shine. Heat or cold. We show up for each other and we sure as hell don’t get up for easy.

I have an idea. Let’s get up even earlier and do some more things that aren’t easy. So that’s what 6 of us did in the pre-gloom today. It was SumpPumps VR (virgin Ruck) and we loved having him out. Talking with him after there is no doubt he will be back. #HIM.

So nothing crazy just a neighborhood Ruck. We went just shy of 3 miles with a good pace. All good better and 2dn F was in full force.

Along the way we learned about the umbrella sock( patent pending), weird dreams of failure, the mention of 20hrs of GoRuck event kills mumble chatter to be replaced with deep seeded fear, GlenRoss’s great great great great great grandfather also did not know the story of the large estate on Chenoweth( No One Knows) and Jordys Friday Ruck at Iroquois park

All in all I could not imagine any place I would have rather been this morning.

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