3.26.18 Incubator BB: Let’s Get Physical

PAX: StarChild, Gravedigger, Nino, Huggies, PewPew, Methane, Brokeback, DoubleDown(R), Wham!, RedRoof, LittleJerry(R), BobRoss, Dynomite!, Captain Insane-o, Diablo, Snowday, Glaucoma, Snowman, Newman, Gypsy, Kilo, OJ, Mr Hat, Boozer, Zartan (QIC)

Conditions: mid 40’s maybe. Clear morning Hoping this becomes the new norm. Perfect weather from the Sky-Q for my BDay. Started to drizzle 10 minutes after I left the AO.

Gearlander: First time use of Christmas present NB Minimus Kicks, SmartWool socks, LuLu black shorts, Pinkish Nike dryfit shirt(with shirt sleeves), Black MudGear Tac hat. At RedRoof was rocking the F3Louisville HooRag Ascot. I saw ya.

YHC was fired up for this Q. Not only because it has been a few months since I lead a WO at the Poshlands but because I miss a lot of the guys out there. We came up at the O before it was the O and addition by division split us up. Always good to get the gang back together again.

Preface: Yesterday the family wagon wouldn’t start. All electronics were working fine so I knew starter or alternator were bad. Sh@t. With SpringBreak around the corner this is not what I need. AAA towed it yesterday to Honda World, formerly known as Sam Swope, where I sit now writing this BB. So with yesterday sucked. The funny part is in large part to F3 and the men in this group, I didn’t get pissed and fall into a bad mood or take it out on M or 2.0s. I just rolled with it knowing all would work out and in the grand scheme of things it was not that big of a deal. 1 yr ago I would have been an ass all day long.

Instead I just happened to have a pre-sanded shovel in my basement and a day at home alone allowed me to make another shovel flag as a gift for the Poshlands PAX. It’s a 2nd BlackOp Flag sseeung as how we have had 75 BlackOps since the 1st of the year. It’s important to always plant a flag when we post and take pride in leading this group.

Enough about that and into the WO. PAX were rolling in fast and furious. I knew by the swelling numbers I was going to have to audible Thang2 but no time for that now. Good times sound machine was blasting some horribly awesome 80’s tunes and the clock struck 0529. Explained to group what a Surfee was, an OldBay special, and that we would do one of these for our last burpee whilst we waited for the six. It’s basically a burpee but when you jump up and clap you rotate 90* and land in a Squat with arms out like you are surfing. It’s great. Disclaimer Made and we were off.

Mosey to parking lot near EggLawn for COP. Butt kicks and High Knees as we cruised along. Here is a sampling of our playlist.


38 SSh

8 Boyo

19 Steve Earle Copperhead w/ Hill Billy

7 Boyos

19 Flutter Kicks


19 IW


19 copperhead lunge

Mosey to another parking lot closer to Poshlands entrance.

Thang1 Burpee bearcrawl 11- Basically a 10 count bearcrawl with 1 burpee at the end and jog back to start for 9 count bearcrawl with 2 burpees. Keep going to 1 bearcrawl 10 burpees. LBCs whilst we wait for 6.

Ran to base of bridge for modified Thang 2

Partner up and mosey to top of bridge.

P1 AYG to glow stick 5 BOYOs Bernie Sanders back

P2 10 Dips 10 Merkin Rinse and repeat until P1 returns

Switch and P2 goes to the other side for same exercises

Everyone ran twice and we need to head back for some Quad work.

Hard Run back to Flags for Mary.

20 Big Boys

Pfiffer Kicks on me

20 Big Boys

20 Freddie Mercury’s IC

Also Kilo had beans for dinner last night. Everyone in the circle can attest to this.

Then I asked who had not yet Q’d a WO. Several hands went up so I asked a few guys to lead us in a Mary exercise with proper introduction and cadence. I did my best to help prompt them with introduction and all of them crushed it. I may be off here so forgive me.

Gravedigger- Boat and Canoe

Snow day- Leg lifts WOOF

PewPew- American Hammers

Newman- Box Cutter’s

That was time so we circled up for COT

COR (25 Strong) NOR and intentions and announcements. The dynamic of this group is to lift one another up. It’s not a stated core principle but something that has just organically happened. Several mentions of PAX members who need our TAPs and support.

Kilo surprised me with some rare bourbon samples for my birthday and I am already curious if it is 5 o’clock somewhere.

YHC led us out by sharing the state I was in 12 months ago. The saddest of clowns, pushing 260 and just not a happy guy. I emphasized our 2dnF as the game changer for me. It’s all of you who joined me in the gloom today and those that have for the last 10 months. I honestly don’t know where I would be today but know it would not be here. I have better relationships than I have in my adult life, in better shape than I have been since college and committed to continue to obtain goodr.

Thank you all for pushing this thing. Know we should ABH cause there are more sad clowns out there that need this. It’s up to us to show them what they are missing.


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