5.5.18 BB The Hurt: Cinco de Derby

Pax: Digiorno, SumpPump, BackDraft, Airplane, Scratch, Tiger, Condenser (DR), Lil’ Sweet FNG, Julep FNG, Zartan

Conditions: raining but perfect temp.

Gearlander: no see em socks , NB Minimus, LuLu Shorts, Baselayer Tee, TacHat with IronHorse Patch

Earlier in the week I noticed that the Hurt was missing a Q for Derby and Cinco de Mayo. Well that was an easy one to pull the trigger on. However the festivities of Derby week had me feeling the after effects this morning. Sluggish and gassy.

When I pulled up to the Mutt there were only a couple familiar faces. Met Condenser, DR PAX from Sarasota, who brought an FNG now known as Julep. My buddy Ben Jarboe whose name will come later in this B.B. As I was giving the disclaimer a bunch of studs came running around the corner finishing a Grinder 0600 beatdown.

Our numbers doubled to 10 and we were off.

Mosey around school and straight down for coupons. Met back up top for COP


20 IW IC

15 Grass Grabbers

20 Copperhead Squats


Another lap around school.

Circled up with coupons for 60 seconds on 15 off tabata work. 5 reps and 2 sets

Set 1

Cross over Merkin



Overhead press


Set 2

Big Boy sit ups (w/ coupon for BackDraft..beast)

Coupon Squats

Lower curls

Overhead Press


Indian run about 1.25 miles for the Derby connection. Stopped along for some SSH.

Back at the Mutt we returned coupons and headed to the football field for a little 5 on 5 F3 Football. 3 burpees every time the ball hit the ground and 5 Merkins for every score for the opposing team (most did 5 every time). Not sure but I think we did close to 40 burpees and about 35 Merkins.

Headed to flag for some Mary.

5 Merkins (for last score)


Then I asked PAX to name the 5 core principles. We did work if we missed one. We nailed them all after a couple bobbles and did Phiffer kicks and something else that is escaping me. With 2 minutes left I ran to my rig to grab a little Derby libation to celebrate the day. Old Forester Mint Juleps helped us close out the WO.

COR, NOR – Condenser brought an FNG who visited the track for the first time yesterday. We aptly named him Julep (he crushed it today). And Ben Jarboe showed up and as always I asked if he liked Dr Pepper. He know it was a set up but answered with a F yeah I do ( paraphrase) and the stage was set for his name…. Lil’ Sweet. Now technically I thought it was Lil’ Sweetness but it is not. I would hope that from now on in NOR when Ben states his birth name, age and F3 name we respond with ” Its the sweet one” in a high pitched rhythmic way. Seriously made my day.

Continue to be impressed and humbled by this group but not surprised. We discussed the beauty of posting DR and encouraged every to look for out of town AOs and make an effort to go. It’s a blast. Shout out to sky-Q and off to Coffeteria to join the O PAX.

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