BB: Bayside 05/05 – A little rainy.. #hellophilly #hellogilly


Before “googling” Gilly, I had completely forgot Kristen Wiig played this character on SNL.  Our FNG Gilly was not named after her, but now that I know this I think it is pretty funny.

Glauc Q

PAX :  Shuttlecock, Grandpa Bear, Philly (FNG), Gilly (FNG)

6:00 am immediately jump out of cars and run to portico in front of school.  It was raining… hard.. All was done under the portico!

COP:  25 SSH (IC)  15 Grass grabers, Plank stretching  hold, hamstring hold (waterfall count)

10:40:  Merkins/ shoulder taps (only a 10:40 set)

10:40 Mexican jumping bean squats/ apollo ono’s (only a 10:40 set)

“Soul on Fire”  SSH through song, Burpee every “Soul on Fire”

Merkin waterfall : 8 count with 8 sec hold in high plank, down to 1 count with 1 sec hold


Meet in the middle : “Uptown Funk”  Partner 1 and 2 still under portico.. one goes to one end, one to the other.  Run to the middle, do 10 Boo ya merkins, Bernie back, do one burpee.. repeat the entire song

“Day-o”  same set up as above.  run to middle.  Do 10 Boo ya squats, basketball slide back and do 4 jump lunges.. repeat entire song.

“Lord, I need you”  Merkin rows right arm (1st min. of song) merkin rows left side (2nd minute of song) Money mayweathers (last minute)

“ring of fire”  LBC the entire song, every “Fire” do a big boy sit up

Run to end of portico 1 burpee.. run to other end 2 burpees.. repeat until 5 burpees.

“Beautiful name”  , elbow plank entire song.  On chorus move to high plank and do a merkin on key words “Beautiful” “powerful” wonderful” “jesus”  I heard a lot of grunting.

COT : under portico due to downpour.  Meet Philly:  Name from meeting Gpa bear at the track on thursday @ Thurby   Meet Gilly:  real estate agent.. knew we had a dunphy and know gil thorpe is his arch enemy on the show. Said “Gil” initially then it slowly became Gilly.   Intetions, Prayer..

Glauc OUT!

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