Postiversary Backblast #ruiner

Q Nugget

Pax Nugget, Seabass, Cutlass, Wham!, Vincent (R), Red Roof, Loco

Since Derby was the original post for YHC, I had to Q it. And the final piece of my F3 Flight. I thought back to my memories of Seneca Park, and my mind went back to my High School Cross Country days. I thought the Pax deserved a trip down memory lane known as the Back Mile.

We mosey Ed across the road to begin the path of the Back Mile. The Pax noticed some white lines on the grass. Of course, YHC came over and painted the path for the Q (not really). We stopped outside the softball field for

Grass Grabbers IC

Abe Vigodas IC

Kendra Newman’s (Loco gave us the history behind the name)

Mosey a little more around the softball field for

Copperhead Squats IC

Next was a lunge walk Indian Run up around what used to be a small tree and down to the half pipe.

At the top of the half pipe we split into 4 stations, 2 at each and Loco alone.

Station 1 50 Overhead claps

Station 2 Carolina Dry Docks AMRAP

Station 3 Flutter Kicks AMRAP

Station 4 Bobby Hurleys AMRAP

Station 1 would relieve 2 and so on. Loco must’ve list count but was reminded by Cutlass. We did this for 15 minute and began to mosey/lunge walk to the bball court. We stopped about 150 yards from the court and did 10 Squats on your own and AYG to the court.

YHC positioned the Pax around the court and YHC at half court. Each Pax would call an exercise while the middle Pax would run 2 half suicides with a Burpee at the completion of each. The Pax would perform the exercise AMRAP until the suicides were complete.




American Hammers

Shoulder taps


Plank Jacks

Then mosey around the courts heading to the finish line. About 200 yards out, we stopped and did Al Gores while one Pax Mario’d to the end of the Back Mile. When one arrived to the end, the next would go.

Finally, we headed to the coupon field for some Burpee football. Since we were down to 6 at this point (RR had husbandly duties), YHC adjusted the rules. All movement had to be by lunge walk, Beat Crawl , or broad jump. Also, one offensive player had to carry a coupon.

Side note, Seabass tried to get the better of his 1.0, YHC, but let the record show, that I still have his number. (probably not for much longer)

After this abismal audible (it had some good ideas but the game wasnt very fluid). So we called it after the game winning Hail Mary from Vincent to Loco. We circled up around the flag


Announcements about the Postiversary reception at Coffeeteria. Intentions and send off. I compleated the F3 Flight along with PK with this post today. It was eye opening the great group of HIMs in each AO and the variations of the Qs. I am humbled again by this group.

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