Crestwood Black-Ops Post Derby Beat Down Backblast

PAX: Little Jerry (respect), Abacus, Meter Maid, Battier, Boozer, Valdez FNG, Airplane Q.

Conditions: cloudy, a bit foggy and 60 degrees.

For a minute, I was sure it was going to be Airplane, party of one, and my HL this am. Just a few minutes before post Lil Jerry and the others rolled in. Disclaimer was given and we were off! Crestwood has a nice campus so we took a little jog around the school to COP:

20 SSH I/C

20 Imperial Walker I/C

20 Abe Vigoda I/C

Annie: 20 each arm

some light stretching


My neighbor had these dinosaur coupons. They seem to be significantly heavier than the normal ones we used…perfect for this group! Crestwood also has an awesome set of stairs that needed attention.

We partnered up for some coupon work

200 curls

200 overhead press

200 dips

200 chest press

200 LBC

While partner one did coupon work, partner two ran up the stairs for a burpee, ran back and switched. Added one burpee each time he reached the top of the stairs, but reset the burpee count with each exercise.


Ascending Curb Crawl – bear crawled from one curb to the other, did a Derkin.  Crawled back, did two Derkins, continued this until we reached 13 Derkins!


Since we still had a little bourbon left to sweat out, we tossed in a quick Jack Webb (Merkin and air press)


Abacus brought us home with Captain Thor

We moseyed back to the flag for COT and NOR. We welcomed one FNG – Valdez, and discussed the F3 Lexington launch 5/12.

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