Back Blast the Loco 1/7/2020

Today was originally scheduled to be Alex’s BDay Q. Unfortunately, he is under the weather. So YHC decided we will celebrate his birthday without him. 19 PAX: Brown Water, Mama’s boy, Asian Zing -R, Double Down-R, Hush puppy, Pelican, Dauber, Kimble, Holy Roller-R, Jerry Maguire-R, Jolly Rancher, Captain Crunchberry, Bubbles-FNG, Wildflower, PorkChop, Peach, Cratchit, PewPew,Continue reading “Back Blast the Loco 1/7/2020”

Black Blast Incubator 11/25

25 PAX (1 FNG) got up and got better on this fine Monday morning. Conditions: cool and clear. PAX: Dauber, Rocky, Buzzsaw, Mayhem, Tinder foot, Bob Ross, Frosted Tips, PorkChop, PewPew, Iceman (R), Jolly Rancher, Meter Maid, Jewell, Aerobie (R), Ver de Milo, Amelia, Fear Factor FNG, Backflop, Deep dish, Pelican, Stick Up, Ladybird (R),Continue reading “Black Blast Incubator 11/25”

Back Blast North Posh 11/4/19

PAX: Catfish, PorkChop, Gilligan, Alexa, Dauber, Backflop, Airplane – Q. Conditions: clear and cool around 35 degrees. COP: SSH IC, Imperial walkers IC, grass grabbers IC, mosey down the hill. Rinse and repeat. 5 BOYO. Mosey up the hill and grab a pallet. Thang 1: “build a bear” start with 1 burpee, push pallet downContinue reading “Back Blast North Posh 11/4/19”

Back Blast Bag of Wrenches 8/13/19

Finally pooped my O Q cherry! I have to admit, that’s a great site for a workout. 23 PAX came out and got a little bit better. Pope, Vincent (R), Fall Guy (R), Trump, Zartan, Data, Viking, Speed bump, Fergie, PorkChop, Loco, Violet, Tammy Faye Bakker, FloJo, Nugget, Alexa, Scuba Steve, Pixar, Doogie, Paris, Butcher,Continue reading “Back Blast Bag of Wrenches 8/13/19”

Back Blast The Garden 8/1

If you haven’t posted at the garden you are really missing out. It’s a great space, a great group of guys, and man, those hills are really tough. 15 PAX: PorkChop, Airball, Latex, Fergie, Uncle Rico, Nino, Domino, Abacus, Harbaugh, Milton, Endo, Fructose, Skee Lo, Lady Bird (RESPECT), Airplane – Q. Conditions: 67 and prettyContinue reading “Back Blast The Garden 8/1”

Back Blast Crestwood Memorial Black Ops 7/30

With the continued growth of the county it is time to starfish. We decided to check out Crestwood memorial park on Hwy 329 (CI says I give terrible directions). PAX: Grizzly, McAfee, Captian Insane-O, Captian Crunchberry, Alexa, Dauber, Pelican, Bulletin(R), Back Flop, Kimble, Airplane -Q. Conditions: moist. As McAfee described it “I feel like I’mContinue reading “Back Blast Crestwood Memorial Black Ops 7/30”

Back Blast the Bridge 6/19. Leave well enough alone

A few weeks ago I led a workout at the chopper. It was hard, and I received a lot of positive feedback about it. So why not do the same workout but add in the bridge? I’ve been planning this for weeks! Even before I was on the Q calendar at Posh. Well, my planContinue reading “Back Blast the Bridge 6/19. Leave well enough alone”

Back Blast the Agony 6/13

23 Pax got their share of burpees and miles. Conditions: awesome Pax: Bulletin, Speed Bump, Dutch Oven, Short Circuit, Viking, Cold Call, Pork chop, Solo, Crock Pot, Gilligan, Jerry Maguire, Meyer Maid, Catfish, Fergie, Giselle, Double Down, Gremlin, Amelia, Little Jerry, Fungi, Abacus, Milton, Airplae -Q Quick mosey and circle up SSH IC, Slow grassContinue reading “Back Blast the Agony 6/13”