PreBlast 10/29/21 Wistaria @ Pleasantville Ghost Q

Tomorrow’s workout will include the following: A deceptive activity where a person creates a fictional persona or fake identity on a networking service, usually targeting a specific victim. The practice may be used for financial gain, to compromise a victim in some way, as a way to intentionally upset a victim, or for wish fulfillment.Continue reading “PreBlast 10/29/21 Wistaria @ Pleasantville Ghost Q”

Foundry Back Blast 6/24

14 Pax ventured out and got better. Dauber, Jolly Rancher, colonel klink, holy roller(R), pelican, meter maid, boozer, backflop, wildflower, abacus, hush puppy, bulletin(R), Coleman, Airplane -Q Introduction was made and disclaimer was given. COP: 21s SSH and burpees The Thang: AMRAP: Sadies, Man Makers, Merkins, flutter kicks. Compete each exercise until failure, then runContinue reading “Foundry Back Blast 6/24”

Tabata Tuesday at the LOCO BB 3/10/2020

Sixteen like minded idiots showed their smiling faces at the county this morning. Conditions: wet, windy, and driving rain. PAX: Double Down (R), Little Jerry (R), Mayham, Crock Pot, Mama’s Boy, Pelican, Irsay, Focker, Asian Zing (R), Wildflower, Gisele, Kimble, Whiskers, Storm Trooper, Stick-Up, Airplane (Q). Disclaimer was given and we took off for aContinue reading “Tabata Tuesday at the LOCO BB 3/10/2020”

Back blast the Agony 1/30

14 PAX got better at the county today. Fergie, Hush Puppy, Focker, PorkChop, Abacus, Mama’s Boy, Double Down (R), Jerry Maguire (R), Holy Roller (R), My Pleasure, Red Card, Viking, Scratch N Dent, Airplane – Q. Conditions: partly cloudy, 29 degrees. Quick mosey around to the front lot for COP: grass grabber (IC), toy soldiersContinue reading “Back blast the Agony 1/30”