6/21 Back Blast Abyss

I’ve be slacking for quite a while. Eating like crap, one more beer (too often), and a lot of fart sacking. Part of what I love about this group is the accountability factor. Sign up to lead men…just don’t forget. YHC was planning on a road trip to see Dauber at the patriot, when he was reminded of his Q at the abyss.

Pax: Uncle Sam(R), Flip Flop, Mr. Hat, F-Stop, Airplane – Q.

We started off with a mosey around the lake until we hit a traffic island. COP: SSH, hill billies, grass grabbers, toy solders, various stretches, plank jacks.

1st Thang: deconstructed burpees around the island. 10 deep squats, Mario, 10 marking, bear crawl, 10 groiners, walking lunges, star jump. Rinse and repeat.

2nd Thang: mosey to the pavilion. Along the way we scooped Flip Flop who had been trapped in his garage. 10 dips, 10 step ups each side. Rinse and repeat.

3rd Thang: mosey along the lake to a posh-ie area for a steinal.

Back to the flag for some Mary. COR, NOR.

Always a pleasure, gents.


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