Way TOO Late BB – 6.17 Cloverfield at The Garden

My sincerest apologies. Was a busy weekend and this slipped my mind. The PreBlast mentioned I was going hunting. Subprime, Wabbits, and Jitterbug proved they weren’t scared and ready to embrace the suck. And suck it did.

0530 disclaimer was given. COP ensued with SSH, grass grabbers, toy soldiers, abe vigodas, and the always used downward dog/ runners stretch combo.

Since I was going hunting, I wanted to get the heart rates up quickly… no better way than to start with 3 gassers using the parking islands on the lower lot. Gassed (see what I did there?), we moseyed to the bottom of the Baptizer for the following…
40 Coupon/ sandbag hop overs
30 Coupon Squats
20 curls
10 thrusters
5 manmakers
run to top speed bump and do 1 kraken, then add 1 kraken at the top for each round completed.

The merlot hunt was unsuccessful, but we all left spent and better for being there.
I appreciated these men coming out knowing it would be hard.

Always humbled by the opportunity to lead.
SYITG – Jewel

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