Back Blast the Nest 5/25

Eleven HIMs got better at the Nest this morning. Conditions: humid. PAX: Drysdale, Mama’s Boy, Le Pew, Trekkie, the Bus, Kimble, Meter Maid, Fergie, Crock Pot, Rocky, Airplane (Q). Disclaimer was given as we ran to the coupon yard. Everyone grabbed two and lined them up behind the chapel. COP: Michael Phelps, Kendra Newman’s, SSH,Continue reading “Back Blast the Nest 5/25”

3/2 Wisteria BackBlast 1year Post-aversary

Sorry for the delay on getting this published. 27 PAX joined in what was almost repeat weather from my 1st post. 32 and clear. PAX: Grinder, Zartan, Pork Chop, Alexa, Kimble, Mama’s boy, Jolly Rancher, OldBay, Mouth, Glen Ross, Mad Cow, Iceman, Amelia, Jitterbug, Bulletin, Milton, BigBird, Perm (FNG), Kilo, PewPew, FloJo, Scuba Steve, Gilligan,Continue reading “3/2 Wisteria BackBlast 1year Post-aversary”

Wisteria PreBlast 3/1. One year already?

At my 1st post, Zartan was Q, I was the 6, Glen Ross held my hand, and DiGiorno comforted me as I splashed merlot. Come celebrate with me tomorrow! We will move a lot. We won’t repeats Z’s triple lindy but we might bring in some of his shenanigans. Here’s some additional reading. SYITG

1/2/19 county ruck black ops

Six HIMs knocked out 3.5 miles of the 50 mile challenge lead by Valdez’s blistering pace. Lots of mumblechatter, and laughs where shared by all. Along the way, Gilligan asked if any one had ever been stopped by the police…great foreshadowing. As we were finishing up, an Oldham county police officer stopped to find outContinue reading “1/2/19 county ruck black ops”

Back Blast the Tank 12/12/18

PAX: Worm, Drysdale, Tony Malito, Rythm, Pilgrim, Fergie, Vincent (R), Kilo, Flounder, Weed Wacker, Aerobie (R), Valdez, Alexa, Soft Wood, Amelia, LePew, Hot Wheels, Airplane – Q Conditions: Not bad for early December. Disclaimer was given and we were off for a short mosey to the ball field to retrieve a coupons. Everyone grabbed aContinue reading “Back Blast the Tank 12/12/18”

Pre-Blast: Thanksgiving Day Burpee football at the County 07:00-08:00

Many of the County PAX are posh transplants. They often still post at the the posh-est AO around. Likewise, several of the posh PAX often post at the County. The two groups workout well together. They also seem to enjoy a little bit of jawing back and forth about which site/PAX is better. Thursday willContinue reading “Pre-Blast: Thanksgiving Day Burpee football at the County 07:00-08:00”

Black Blast Wisteria 11/2

It’s possible that Norton Commons site was the longest continually run black ops location in the history of black ops. NOT! NO! MO! 21 HIMs posted for the first official “Wisteria” workout at “Pleasantville”. QIC- Airplane. PAX – Meter Maid, Double Down (R), Jitterbug (R), Fergie, Huggies, Wildflower, Nino, Gru, Pork Chop, Pew Pew, SaabContinue reading “Black Blast Wisteria 11/2”

Back Blast the Fog 10/6

Ten PAX rebounded from their Friday night endeavors to get better at the Fog.  PAX: Pork Chop, McAfee, Gypsy, Retainer, Gru, Aerobie (Respect), Bob Ross, Nice~N~Slow, Airplane-QIC. Conditions: warm and a bit humid for this time of year. Disclaimer was given, and we were off. Moseyed over to the lot near the coupon tower for COP:Continue reading “Back Blast the Fog 10/6”

Black Blast Norton Commons – Looking fine at 39!

20 PAX made it out for my Birthday celebration at Norton Commons. I love this site, it’s my OG site. It has everything needed to deliver a great workout. Today’s workout wouldn’t use any of the great features offered there. The only thing we needed was the parking lot. Conditions: warm, 78 with a lightContinue reading “Black Blast Norton Commons – Looking fine at 39!”

Pre-blast the Carp 8/28: Airplane gets his hair back

I am one of the millions of people suffering from Alopecia. I had pretty much come to terms with it until the I saw an ad from the Carp’s sensational salesman Captain Insane-O! His personal guarantee of hair restoration only requires 45 minutes of sweat equity and some questionable leadership. Check and Check. What’s more?!Continue reading “Pre-blast the Carp 8/28: Airplane gets his hair back”

Fun and Games Back Blast 8/25 the County Black Ops

This video (see link below) was on reddit the other day. I thought to myself “man that looks fun!” But where would I find a group of guys to do it with???? Enter fun and games black ops at the county. PAX: Airplane Q, MeterMaid, Abacus, Nunchuck (FNG), Jolly Rancher, Fun Dip (FNG) Gilligan, BigContinue reading “Fun and Games Back Blast 8/25 the County Black Ops”