Pre-Fog Ruck 10/6

PAX: Hot Wheels, Airplane, McAfee

At 05:31 and no McAfee in site, Hot Wheels and I headed out into the darkness. Once over the bridge, we walked up around the fountain to see if anything would be usable for my upcoming beatdown. We pressed on using the gravel path. About 10 minutes in, we see a car that keeps driving back and forth. Hot Wheels asks “I wonder if that’s McAfee?” Nope! About that time, and for whatever reason I turned around and saw a bouncing headlamp. “But that is!” I said. McAfee had some story about the car in front of him was driving slow or something. Any-who, he had just ran nearly a mile with his ruck on to catch us. Our trio now complete, we rucked on. We crossed the road near the horse barn. I kept thinking, “We needed to turn back.” The others suggested we push on. I continued suggesting we turn back. “Guys, it 06:05. It took us 35 minutes to get here. We’re going to be late!” I was quickly reminded the workout begins at 07:00, not 06:30. We pushed on for another mile or so, then returned to our starting point. Along the return we used FaceTime to call Kilo and the HIMs doing the star course. It honestly looked like they were playing frogger on a highway somewhere in Cincinnati. All in we, did around 5 miles. Good times, and great 2nd F.


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