The Blender BB 10/3/18

My apologies to the PAX for being tardy on the BB.  We worked really hard for 45 minutes and then you had to wait more than 4500 minutes for the recap from your Q. Honestly – I was shooting for 44 minutes but then @danbayer123 reminded me that we still had another minute and had time for Mary.  Thanks Old Bay.

The setting:

Dark and Warm

Alexa, Glen Ross, Old Bay, Backdraft, Bigbird, PED, Daddy’s Girl, Cowbell, Spreadsheet, Rih Rih, Maize, Mad Cow, Digiorno, Blacklung (@F3Nashville) , Plumb Bob, Sump Pump (Q)

Disclaimers were given and I assumed no responsibility for anyone that chose not to modify as needed.


Grassgrabbers 15 IC
Downward dog
Nancy Kerrigan
Hillbillies 20 IC

Thing 1

Mosey down to coupons.  Everyone grabbed a coupon suited to their needs. Some were heavier than others.  Some were lighter than others.   We then took the coupons on a moderate paced walk single file while doing coupon curls to front of portico.

Thing 2

Ascending Curb Crawl – using your own coupon as a starting curb, Bear Crawl facing opposite curb. BC to other side, turn & place feet on curb to complete one Derkin, crawl back and complete two Derkins, continue to 13. (91 total)  At some point @backdraft2  reminded me how much these sucked.

Thing 3

Modified Brick by Brick Shuttlerun (BBBS) – count off 1s&2s and formed two lines 10ish yards apart. Group 1 did a shuttle run and picked up a coupon at the other group’s line, returned coupon to his line, then retrieved the second coupon. Group 2 started with 15 Burpees and then everyone SSH until everyone was finished.  Switched when group 1 was complete.

R1: 15 Burpees R2: 15 BBs, R3: 10 Burpees, R4: 10 BBs, R5: 5 Burpees, R6: 5 BBs

Thing 4

Bear Crawl Snake – Similar to Bear Crawl Inch Worm, but adds a weave.  This one was where @spreadsheet21 asked me how his plank was looking. (reference to his last Q when he was showing us how to plank while doing a downward dog!)

Thing 5

2 man broken wheelbarrow race across parking lot. This never really happened.  It just sounds really cool and brutal.

Return the coupons and meet at flags for COT.

But wait. Its only 5:13 Sump.  Old Bay calls a lateral for me so we laugh for just a second and then get back to it.  25 American hammers on my count.

Now its 6:!5.  We circle up for COT.

Intentions and reminders were given.   I don’t recall them because this happened over 4500 minutes ago.  But I did pray a prayer that went something like this.

Dear Heavenly Father.  We thank you for allowing to come out this morning to be in your presence.  We also thank you for allowing to us come out and do those things that are not easy.  Please watch over us as we go about our day.

Please pray for our brothers who are in a dark place and have not yet realized the power of Your mercy.

In your name we pray.


Sump Pump







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