Back Blast the Fog 10/6

Ten PAX rebounded from their Friday night endeavors to get better at the Fog.  PAX: Pork Chop, McAfee, Gypsy, Retainer, Gru, Aerobie (Respect), Bob Ross, Nice~N~Slow, Airplane-QIC. Conditions: warm and a bit humid for this time of year. Disclaimer was given, and we were off. Moseyed over to the lot near the coupon tower for COP: SSH IC, IW IC, GG, IC. Everyone grab a coupon, prisoner run over to egg lawn at McAfee’s pace.

The first thang

I asked the PAX to spilt into two groups. Those who run fast, and those who run slow. The fast runners would head counter-clockwise around egg lawn, while the rest of us farmer’s carried two coupons clockwise. When the groups met, switched roles, keeping the running and coupons moving in the same direction. My original plan was to do two laps around egg lawn. That plan was quickly scrapped about 75 feet into my first farmer’s carry. We each made two trips running and two trips farmer’s carrying. On my second carry, a coupon fell from my shoulder. As is was falling I thought “oh well’. It smashed into the concrete, bounced, skidded, and came to a stop. In damn near perfect condition. I was honestly sad it didn’t break. Oh well, load it up and off we go. Somehow we managed to finish where we started. WOOF that sucked!


The next Thang

Fast runners partnered with a slower runner – each PAX did the following on their own count.

25 shrugs

50 curls

75 overhead press

99 chest press (I promised we wouldn’t do 100 of anything)

While partner one started coupon work, partner two bear crawled across the field, did 5 big boys, bear crawled back. SWITCH! Each time you bear crawled out, you added 5 big boys to your count. Arms were smoked and we were getting tight on time. I had to save thang 3 for another day.

We limped back to return the coupons, then moseyed back to the flag. We had three or four minutes left. I wanted to be sure these HIMs got their moneys worth.

Next exercise: side straddle hops IC! You see, during my SSH at COP I was not paying attention to the count. I blame McAfee because he counts funny. Any-who, I was planning  on stopping at 30 but continued on with the 1,2 and when 3 came out it sounded like a dying whale. Much to the entertainment to the PAX. Vindicated, we fished with 10 DiVinci’s IC and 15 plank jacks IC.

COR, NOR, announcements. McAfee reminded the PAX of the upcoming Q school week and convergence. COT: Prayers for all those in need. Especially the Wintergerst-Weston (and Bob Ross) family.

It is hard to believe this was my 100th post. The power of this PAX is awesome! It is an honor when I get to lead you.


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