Back Blast the Nest 5/25

Eleven HIMs got better at the Nest this morning. Conditions: humid. PAX: Drysdale, Mama’s Boy, Le Pew, Trekkie, the Bus, Kimble, Meter Maid, Fergie, Crock Pot, Rocky, Airplane (Q). Disclaimer was given as we ran to the coupon yard. Everyone grabbed two and lined them up behind the chapel. COP: Michael Phelps, Kendra Newman’s, SSH, Abe Vigoda, grass grabbers maybe something else, I can’t remember.

Thang 1:

Walk lunge to the far coupon, do 20 curls. Walk lunge back. Walk lunge to the near coupon, do 20 over head press. Rinse and repeat substituting chest press for overhead.

Thang 2:

Bear crawl triangle. Three cones: bear crawl to each cone doing various ab exercises. Rinse and repeat.

Thang 3:

The road in front of St. Als is roughly a 1/4 mile with 10 utility poles down it. Run to each pole to complete the exercise called out by the PAX. We did merkins, SSH, copper head DEEP squats, flutter kicks, merkins again (the Bus is a beast) neverending jump lunges, a few others I also forgot. Rocky brought us home with 10 BOYO. Mosey back to pole 6. 6 BOYO, followed by 5 BOYO….you get the deal.

Stashed the coupons moseyed to the flag. With a few minutes left we did squat jacks and plank jacks.

COR, NOR, announcements. Drysdale will be singing Sunday at Veterans memorial park; all are welcome. He also shared a really cool story about his fathers family during the Korean War. Intentions said and unsaid. We closed with a moment of silence in honor of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

Have an awesome Memorial Day weekend.


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