Black Blast Wisteria 11/2

It’s possible that Norton Commons site was the longest continually run black ops location in the history of black ops. NOT! NO! MO! 21 HIMs posted for the first official “Wisteria” workout at “Pleasantville”.

QIC- Airplane. PAX – Meter Maid, Double Down (R), Jitterbug (R), Fergie, Huggies, Wildflower, Nino, Gru, Pork Chop, Pew Pew, Saab 9000, Putt-Putt, Grinder, Face, Nice n Slow, Milton, Forced Closed (R), Ice Man (R), Glen Ross, Uncle Rico.

Conditions: Chilly 41 with a steady breeze.

COP: All Jacked Up. 50 SSH IC, 40 seal jack IC, 30 Plank Jacks, 20 Crossover Jacks IC, 10 Squat Jacks IC. To my surprise, this was not a PAX favorite.

The Thang: Partner up. The 1/2 mile circle at NC has 11 lamp post. My original plan was to run around the circle stopping at each lamp to do 10 exercises. After the 1st 10 Bropees, Nino asks “are we supposed to do 9 at the next light?” Nino, That’s a hell of an idea! New plan. Run to the light, do the exercise dropping one rep at each light. We did the following. Lap 1: Bropees, Lap 2: Squat with an uppercut, Lap 3: Booyah! Merkins, Lap 4: Big Boys, Lap 5: Dry Docks.

NOR, Announcements: Huggies is collecting new or used coats for wayside. This event includes a ruck event on 11/11. Get with him for more details. F3 ruck event 11/16. Abacus will be sending details out soon. COT: Prayers.

It is always a pleasure to lead this group of like minded men. Until next time!


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