Backblast – The Hurt @ the Mutt -11/3/18 – Blueprint VQ

I’m very humbled and having trouble changing shirts after this mornings VQ workout.  I did my best to keep everyone moving and the talking to a minimum this AM.  At 7:00 Tiger was rolling in as normal and we got started.

Pax: 13

Blueprint Q, Duece, Glen Ross, Sump Pump, Wham O, Old Bay, Drysdale, Pepperoni, Dingo, Lefteye, Windshield, Tiger, and Cornbread.

Moseyed around the school for COP and circled up:

SSH x 25, Grassgrabbers x 15, Downward Dog w/ calf stretches and Imperial Walkers x 15.

Thang 1: Fat Amy – lined up on one end of parking lot, and started with 50 squats, ran to other end of lot, 10 burpees, ran back for 40 Merkins, ran, 10 Burpees, ran, 30 Lunges, ran, 20 Big Boys, ran, 10 Burpees, ran, 10 Meter Bear Crawl, ran Burpees.

Went to get Coupons and lined back up

Thang 2: Coupon Stack – split up into teams of 2, HIM 1 carried coupons across lot to stack 1 at a time, HIM 2 did V-ups for coupon 1 and LBC’s for coupon 2, then together the they Bear crawled 10 meters and moseyed to coupons. Switched roles and repeat

Thang 3: Blackjack – lined up on one side of lot and started with 1 Merkin, ran to other side for 20 LBC’s, ran back for 2 Merkins, ran for 19 LBC’s, repeated until 20 Merkins and 1 LBC, always totaling 21.

Thang 4: Coupon carry – picked up coupons and strolled around the school – stopping along the way we did 10 Squats I/C w/ coupons at stop 1, 10 Curls OYO at stop 2 and 10 Overhead Presses OYO at stop 3 – then returned coupons.

Lastly – circled up for some Mary – 10 Flutterkicks I/C, 10 Boxcutters I/C and 10 Big Boys to close it out.

COT/Counted off/Name o Rama/Announcements/Intentions/Closed it out

Thanks to everyone for coming out today, hope you enjoyed the Merkins and Go CATS!

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